The 20 Great Demon Generals are a group of evil elite dark side warriors gathered together by the evil Demon Sith Lord that leads the Sith Legion, wore a large cape and an evil sombrero Darth Grievous.

The 20 Great Demon Generals are:

Gigatron appears to be their de-facto field commander. They are all equipped with "Armored Gear" and Fireproof capes, which renders them immune to most forms of artillery, most of the generals are infected and powered and mutated by the Evilifier virus and cobra commander is the only one who doesn't wear capes or have legs or hands but made up with laser eyes, flaming breaths and heavy armor. They are often created by the Evilifier Virus and they are also transformers with a scary robot mode and a scary vehicle mode like a scary jet mode for example. These generals are often guarded by Magnaguards, Giant Sombrero Droids and Death Troopers and they are known for controlling evil monsterous creatures like Giant spiders that eats Jedi, massive bugs that resemble giant Devourers from Brood War, Giant space squids that can devastate enemy battleship fleets and of course giant monsterous dragons that can devastate enemy air forces. Per every time a demon general fails Darth Grievous the demon general that failed Darth Grievous gets imprisoned in a chrysalis for a whole month.

With the death of the last evil cape wearing Demon General named Gigatron the 20 Great Demon Generals was wiped out for good.

Dark Future

In the Dark Future the Great demon generals wiped out the Autobots before being sealed away in sacs, cocoons and chrysalises. After many years they got reborned as Even more dangerous cape wearing monsters that were very strong with the dark side at the cost of turning 100% evil due to sombreros landing on their heads and staying attached to their heads.


The Demon Generals mostly resembles the Meterax warrior robots from Sonic X mostly the cape wearing ones.

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