Super Evillero

Dark Panchito, dark Jose and Dark Donald Duck fused into the Super Evillero dragon Monster

"Nothing defeats the Super Evillero, nothing!"
—Super Evillero[src]

The Three Evilleros AKA Evil Caballeros are dark evil versions of the three Caballeros and an evil mariachi band meant to entertain Darth Grievous with their singing and dancing like villains. They were created to sing evil songs to Darth Grievous and are born out of dark powers plus they wore evil purple sombreros and can fuse and transform into a massive sized 3 headed demon dragon that breathes fire, wore evil sombreros and crushes anything known as the Super Evillero. They are also the most loyal sith minions to Darth Grievous. They died in the hands of Arcee at the end of the Transformers Wars.

Dark FutureEdit

In darth Grievous's evil vision of the future the 3 evilleros fused together to become the Super Evillero to destroy the last of the Autobots. The Super Evillero beaten the Autobots and made a victory roar and breathes fire after crushing the lifeless body of a Jedi.


Dark Panchito Wears the biggest sombrero of the group and the largest cape. The most evil of the three and hates rock and roll music. Owns two laser pistols.

Dark Jose Wears a big sombrero and has a large cape similar to Pale Bay leafs cape. Owns a heavy laser chaingun of the 3 and hates the jedi knights badly.

Dark Donald duck wears a big sombrero and a large cape similar to yellow zelkovas cape. The swordmanship of the 3 and most annoying of the three and hates the transformers race.

All three can fuse together into a massive sized 3 headed demon dragon that wore 3 sombreros on each head called the Super Evillero.

Song lyricsEdit

We're three evilleros

Three evil evilleros

They say we are evil birds of a feather

We're evil amigos

No matter where he goes

The one, two, and three goes

Evil is always together

We're three evil chappies

With evil snappy serapes

You'll find us beneath our evil sombreros

We're evil and we'll stay so

We're evil as a sith lord

Evil says so? Evil say so!

The three evilleros


We have the black holes to guide us

Evil Guitars here beside us

To play as we go

We sing and we samba

We shout 'aye caramba!

What means aya caramba?

Oh yes, I don't know

Through fair an evil weather

Evil stand close together

Like evil books on the evil shelf

And evil pals though we may be

When some evil baby

Says yes, no, or maybe

Each evil man is for himself!

Jalisco no te rajes

Me sale del alma

Gritar con color

Abrir todo el pecho

Pa echar este grito

Que linddo es jalisco

Palabra de honor


The Super Evillero monster dragon is a parody of Super Dimentio from Super Paper Mario and a parody of Dark Oaks transformation into a 3 headed dragon from Sonic X.

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