A Bend In The Road is a 2012 American Romantic Drama Film written and directed by Garry Marshall based on the 2001 bestseller by Nicholas Sparks.

It stars Jensen Ackles, Charisma Carpenter, Asa Butterfield, Josh Dallas, Sophia Loren, Jamie Farr, Richard Chamberlain, Louise Fletcher, Emily Rose, Joe Pesci and featuring Chris Evans.

In converted differences the film includes a second individual responsebile in the Hit & Run Death of Missy Ryan where as to Sparks' actual 2001 novel there was only Miss Sarah Andrews younger brother Brian responsebile.


Set in 1988 A man desperatley searches for the two men responsebile Hit & Run killing of his beloved wife Missy Ryan.

The man Miles Ryan whom is left with a troubled and constantly bullied son Jonah falls unintentionally in love with his son's beautiful young school teacher Miss Sarah Andrews.

Sarah calms the fire in his heart which yearns for the revenge killings of the two men.

What follows is a heartfelt romance which brandishes over a summer of love but still does not completely extinguesh Miles' long burning revenge.

One of the two men responsebile is discovered and under a bizarre Chaos Theory order of occurrences is killed in a tragic accident.

He then calls out for the one responsebile leaving anonymous threatening letters throughout the small town of New Bern, North Carolina to which the story takes place.

Under tragic twist it turns out Miss Andrews younger brother Brian is the man responsebile and comes out to the New Berns Cemetery to where Missy is buried.

They engage in a fight and Miles sees who it is that killed his wife.

Brian apologizes whilest in agony of the injuries he has sustained.

Brian then corrects his act of irresponsebile 19 year old troublemaker alcoholic and comes to terms with the death he caused.

He phones into the New Berns Police Department and serves out 17 Months in prison to which his sister sees him off to.

A Letter had been sent the night of the Cemetery Showdown to Sarah from Miles stating that they cannot be together and that he loves her almost more than anything.

Sarah falls into deep depression because of this.

She takes a certain experience they had during their New Berns 88 Summer of Love Ghost Walk tour where the spurned lovers light candles in time of need.

She lights a candle every night looking out at the house driveway no longer seeing Miles secretly pulling up in Cadillac nor her reckless brother showing up in beaten up Volkswagen.

She writes a desperate letter and tries to go see Jonah and Miles.

She finds that Jonah and Miles have abandoned their home and taken their stuff.

She finds that Jonah is no longer enrolled at Berns Elementary and then plans to committ suicide in the same fashion as the spurned lover of the Ghost Walk Story had done.

She lights a single candle that night and heads up to her bedroom ready to kill herself.

Upon coming to her bedroom however she spots outside the window in the driveway Miles Cadillac and turns in time to see both Jonah and Miles in her bedroom.

Miles is brandishing two candles one of which has an engagement ring on the wick which he passes to her.

She sprouts with tears of happiness and seizes the candle placing the ring on her finger.

Jonah blows out his candle then followed by Miles and finally a slow happy reacting Sarah.

Sarah and Miles engage in a long kiss as her ring wearing hand locks with his.

Jonah then joins them in a hug and the narrator of the film whom seems to be a character not appearing in the story is revealed as an older Jonah who tells that Sarah and his father Miles live happily ever fairytale after and that the once irresponsebile Brian Andrews got out of prison on bail courtesy of his father and Sarah's combined money.

He went on to be an ER in Boston and married a beautiful Latin Nurse whom bore him two children.

The two children became pretty much the first proper children friends of his and became apart from his own father and Miss Andrews his bestfriends.


  • Jensen Ackles as Miles Ryan
  • Charisma Carpenter as Sarah Andrews
  • Asa Butterfield as Jonah Ryan
  • Josh Dallas as Brian Andrews
  • Sophia Loren as Carnita Andrews
  • Jamie Farr as Patrick Andrews
  • Olivia Munn as Nurse Caitlin Andrews née Rose
  • Richard Chamberlain as Donald Ryan
  • Louise Fletcher as Nancy Ryan
  • Emily Rose as Missy Ryan
  • Joe Pesci as Principal Fandarman
  • Chris Evans as Joshua Rueben-Daley
  • Holland Taylor as Miss Flitzpartricks
  • Eric Idle as Drug Dealer Jogan/ The Sexual Abuser of Joshua Rueben-Daley whom works as a teacher at New Berns Elementary School and is later exposed
  • Jack O'Halloran as Officer Likeldark/ The Commanding Officer pursuing Joshua and Brian on their hit & run prior to their collision with Missy Ryan
  • Bill Duke as Neighbour Carlos Soldan
  • Martin Mull as Blind Crosser Cabeldine Helped by Jonah in crossing the road
  • Noah Ringer as Bully Blake Dor
  • Leo Howard as Yarnel Yus Bully
  • Olivia Holt as Liked Isabelle Fed
  • Max Burkholder as Bully Robert Ross
  • Brennan Bailey as Joshua Andrews/ Son of Brian & Caitlin Andrews named after the dead ex bestfriend of Brian/ One of the bestfriends of Jonah
  • Niamh Wilson as Missy Andrews/ Daughter of Brian & Caitlin named after the dead wife of Miles and mother of Jonah's/ Bestfriend of Jonah's

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