A Bourne Beginning and or The Bourne Beginning (In Australian and American Release) is a 1981 Spy Action film based on the novel bby Robert Hedlund

It is the first of the many Bourne films and is much in the tradition with the original James Bond's films.

The film was written by book series author Robert Hedlund who went to write the next following three of the series and directed by Martin Scorsese.

The film stars Virginian Star Gary Clark as the iconic main spy character Jason Bourne, Gates McFadden as the first eponymous Bourne Girl Alexandria who has a very famous beach emergence sequence, Ed Harris as the famous muchly redone character Monocle who is the main villain and sports a right eye monocle, Cheryl Hines as in danger Strombolt Captain Miranda Keys, Steve Buscemi as the Bourne sidekick Pontronse and Paul Newman as the CIA leader Alex Dumont.


Many carrier ships are disappearing over the mid-atlantic.

An elite CIA organization deploys four of their most trusted and strongest agents to go out and identify the may be linked with terrorism sea mysteries.

All four of their deployed agents soon fall out of contact and vanish too.

They are then forced to deploy their most reckless and downright rebelliously dangerous operative Jason Bourne to find out what's behind the mid ocean disppearing acts.

He takes with him the Elite's Boating Expert Pontronse and embarks on a seal line adventure.

Eventually Bourne and Pontronse's ship comes to the exact mid atlantic location of the disappearances and they themselves following a large wave are advanced

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