Harry Potter. Instead of Hermione and Ron, Harry and Ginny searched for the Horcruxes. See how things change and how Hermione and Ron cope when they are also, on the run.


It would have been an happy day. But it wasn't. In fact, it was an nightmare. Harry James Potter was running when everyone screamed and ran.

He saw Ginny, who was looking around concerned. Harry saw an death eater about to kill her, and Harry quickly grabbed onto her. Ginny turned around and screamed.

Harry and Ginny disaparated. Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione searched for Harry and relised he wasn't there. "Ron", they heard Molly scream.

Ron turned around and an death eater punched him on the face. Hermione raised her want and stunned the death eater.

Meanwhile, the new happy couple Bill and Fluer were defending themselves from the army of the death eaters. Bill stunned one and told Fleur to get in the house.

Fluer came in, and saw Molly crying. "What is ze matter Molly", she asked kindly. She looked up. "Ginny is missing", she sobbed harder.

Hermione and Ron were getting chased by an death eater knowen as Bellatrix Lestrange. She kept shooting the killing curse, missing each shot.

"Grab my hand", Hermione screamed to Ron. Ron did and they disaparated. Bellatrix turned around and saw Molly shooting curses at her.

Bellatrix defended herself easily and hit Molly with the killing curse. Molly fell down instantly, dead. Bellatrix smiled as she saw Arthur run up to Molly.

Bellatrix aimed her wand at the sky and cast the dark mark and disappeared, back to her lord. It would be only an matter of time.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ginny collapsed and relised they were in an forest. "Where are we", Ginny asked. They looked rather silly, wearing formal dresses in the middle of the forest.

"The forest where the world cup was held", Harry told Ginny. "The only question is we need to find out who this letter belongs to", Harry showed her the letter.

"Harry, didn't Siruis's brother had these intials", she said. "That's right. Siruis said he was an death eater", Harry relised he had found an clue.

"We need to get to Grimmauld place", Harry told her. "We will try and find an floo system", he told her. Ginny nodded.

They were searching for a house to raid when Ginny asked something. "Can we still date", she asked Harry. Harry turned around.

Befour Ginny knew it, Harry kissed her, and she kissed back. She smells of Strawberrys, Harry thought as the two continued to kiss.

They broke apart and continued their search for a house to raid. They found an old cottage and Ginny opened the door.

They saw an old woman, looking at them. "Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley", she asked. Harry raised his wand. "Don't worry, i'm not an threat", she told them.

"Who are you", Ginny asked. "Lisa Brown. Me and my daughter Lavendar Brown are in hiding because we are blood traitors", she told Ginny.

"She shares an room with my friend", Harry told Lisa. "Lisiten, are you looking for the flo system", she asked. Harry and Ginny nodded. "In here".

Harry stepped in the fireplace and threw power, then shouted "Grimmauld place", he disappeared. Ginny said goodbye and did the same.

Harry fell in the living room, and saw Kreature tidying up the couch. "Kreacher", Harry asked. Kracher turned around and nodded.

"Lisiten, i need to know about Regulaus", this caught Kreatures attention. Just then, Ginny appeared and fell into Harry, who fell again.

They both got up and Kreature looked at them. "What about the young master, Kreatures asks", the house elf asked.

"Well has he got an horcrux", Harry asked. This time, Kreature seemed to be kind and cheerful. "Yes Master. He tried to get rid of it, it was Syltheren's locket, no", the house elf asked.

"Yeah", he told the elf. "I think i might know who has it", and with that, Kreature disappeared. Harry and Ginny turned around and smiled.

"I mi-", Ginny was cut off when Kreature appeared with an man.

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