A Light For Lovers is the eighth album from Swedish melodic death metal band Shadow Voyage, released on June 8th 2006. It sees a radical departure from the death metal sound to a more commercial goth rock, which boded poorly for the band and resulted in little sales and scalding reviews. It is preceded by 2004's VII: Obscured Sunlight Reveries and followed by 2008's VIX: The Shadowed Veil.


Following A Light For Lovers release, it received generally poor reviews. Critics and fans both reacted poorly to the album's radical new sound, and the commercial feel.

Metalix said: "After the beautiful and harsh VII: Obscured Sunlight Reveries, Shadow Voyage should have blown us away with a follow-up. And they have, but not in a good way. A Light For Lovers is a horrible album; we struggled to find an metal elements at all. This is commercial goth rock fodder; Erik Sturgen's clean vocals and his nasally croons about love and other stupid stuff makes you hard to believe this band were once upon a time a death metal one; yet alone a formerly melodic death metal band. This could easily side like HIM; but Ville Valo does it better than this rubbish. It is hard to even believe this is Shadow Voyage; there is no sign of their sound or touch; this could easily come from any mainstream band, which is what makes it so sad and disappointing. This could quite possibly be the death of Shadow Voyage, or hopefully a one off affair".

MetalHeaded were equally unimpressed: "As if one change of style after their death metal debut wasn't enough, Shadow Voyage have eased into the fields of mainstream with this clichéd and weak goth rock fodder. There is no sign of the band here at all, this is just boring, mainstream, clichéd bullshit. If the band wanted to kick their fans in the balls and brush them aside for the taste of the mainstream, they've done it here on this dreadful album. It shouldnt even be being reviewed here, its not metal, its mainstream commercial shite. Sturgen's lyrics could easily be taken from Tarja Turunen or Simone Simmon's books; which is what makes this album so frighteningly bad. And his vocals are just ridiculous, he croons through the eight songs like some love-sick idiot, not a melodeath veteran. Shadow Voyage have died, R.I.P".

Track listing

  1. "Hello Lover" - 3:00
  2. "Last Dance" - 5:00
  3. "Beautiful You" - 2:00
  4. "Please Don't Go" - 7:00
  5. "Adventure" - 4:00
  6. "My Heart Is Broken" - 3:43
  7. "Lovely" - 2:45
  8. "Farewell, My Beloved Dear" - 4:00

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