A Mission to Mount Baker is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited.


Code Blue are on a mission to Mount Baker.


  • Power Man: Okay, this is it.
  • Captain America: Careful, Avengers, we're in the lab of Neo-Demon King Psycho.
  • Mordecai: Right. A code could be a clue.
  • Iron Man: I'll have it breakness.
  • Hulk: Right.
  • Neo-Demon King Psycho: (On Computer) Hello, Code Blue.
  • Code Blue: Neo-Demon King Psycho!
  • Neo-Demon King Psycho: (On Computer) Here's something else that's hot.
  • Rigby: We hate didn't run.
  • Code Blue: Yee-hee!
  • Dan Zembrovski: Made it. On to our next mission Boston.
  • Randy Cunningham: Let's go. To the Aven-Fleet.
  • (Code Blue got on the Aven-Fleet and flys to Boston)
  • [To be continued...]

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