Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny Potter are expecting an child, and an new dark lord arises.


"Ginny, that was the best", Harry Potter moaned as he stared up at the ceiling. Ginny giggled. "I figured as much", she told him.

Harry cuddled her, and Harry smelled the strawberry scent on her flaming red hair. "I love you, Gin", he whispered. "Love you too".

Ginny got up and she changed into her gown. "Where are you going", Harry asked. "To see how the twins are", she said.

Harry and Ginny had three children. Their eldest was James Siruis Potter, and was an troublemaker to heart. The twins, Albus Serveus and Lily Luna.

James was only seven, while the twins were three. Ginny opened the door, and saw Albus awake, giggling at his mother.

James had Harry's eyes, and Ginny's flaming red hair. Albus looked like an exact clone like his father, but had his mother's choclate brown eyes.

Lily had the Weasley hair like James, except her eyes were bright blue. "Something she got from her uncle Ron", Harry used to whisper to Ginny's ear.

She picked up Albus and snuggled him. "How are you, baby", she whispered. "Momma", he said. He started to play with Ginny's hair. "Momma".

Meanwhile, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Weasley were an right mess. The house was utter chaos and toys were stattered everywhere.

Rose Hermione Weasley was their eldest, who had brown bushy hair and freckles. She was mature like her mother was at age eight.

Hugo Harry Weasley, six, had the flaming red hair and had Blue eyes. He was bookish, although he was immature unlike Rose.

Their thriplets were an big surprised. They had children Janet Jean, Andrew Ron, and Carly Molly Weasley. They were only two, and were quite an handful.

"Shh, Carly, go to sleap, please", Hermione begged. She saw Hugo running up to Rose and accidently bumped into her.

"Say your sorry", Rose shouted. "Children, please", Hermione begged once more. "Sorry Mother", Rose said. Hugo hit her. "Goody too shoes", he shouted and ran off.


An Dementor looked at the happy couple from the distance, feeling hungry. Nevile and Hannah Longbottom didn't know what would hit them.

"Sally, calm down", Nevile said as Sally, their only daughter, started to cry. "Hey why don't i get you an lol-", Hannah was cut off as something grabbed her.

She turned around and the Dementor quickly kissed her. "NO", Nevile shouted. He was too late, and he picked up Sally and turned to run.

He was then faced to face with another Dementor, and relised he had dropped his wand. "RUN", He shouted to Sally, who nodded and run, not seeing her father being kissed by the awful creature.

She saw someone in an cloak looking at him. The person had an mask, covering their face. "Sally, is it correct", it said. Sally nodded.

The person raised the wand and killed Sally.


Ginny felt tears roll down her cheek as she read the news. "Nevile, Hannah and Sally are dead, Harry", she said to her husband.

Harry also had tears in his eyes. "How did it happen", he whispered. "Hannah and Nevile were kissed by an Dementor, and Sally was found murdered, traces of the killing curse was there".

"My god", he whispered.

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