This is a story titled Personal Deadline that is a Sonic-and-Amy (SonAmy) story. I guess its a love story, but my brother wrote it and I found it more of a comedy so I'm not sure. I didn't write it, my bro did. I'm posting it for him. I personally didn't want to post this here but I had to.

My brother's account is here: User: Keizerzilla. Yes, he has one edit and I should probably be making him do this, but I am the only one who ever edits on this site, so that responsibility falls to me.

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Seeing as how weird this story is if you read it, I'd like to jot down this little section about history in this alternate universe.

  • Everything is set six years later. Or, at least I'd like to think.
  • Tails is engaged to Cream. A reason why I think this is a story set farther into the future than stated.
  • Chris exists, not sure why.
  • Blaze and Silver helped the heroes about two years back.

As for character ages, let's set it straight.

  • Sonic is 28
  • Amy is 25
  • Tails is 21
  • Cream is 19
  • Knuckles is 29
  • Rouge is 31
  • Blaze is 27
  • Silver is 26
  • Shadow is 28.

These ages set things at a good timeframe, although it does beg the question as to why Tails is engaged and Sonic is...? But hey, I didn't write this thing.

Godzillabrawler: the King of the Kaiju Brawl 23:12, May 2, 2011 (UTC)

Part 1

Sonic is sitting on the couch, thinking hard. He wasn’t sure what he should do…

“I need to tell Amy I love her, but what if she doesn’t love me anymore…” Sonic wonders.

“For all I know, she still loves me, but I’m not sure… I just hope the others don’t care about it…”

It had been a few years since Eggman last appeared, and Amy had stopped stalking Sonic and they became friends. Sonic was unsure if Amy still loved him, because he undoubtedly felt the same way. Of course, Tails always said he “knew it” and how obvious it was, and Knuckles tried to tell Tails to knock it off because he said it would discourage Sonic, and also tick him off.

Sonic stops daydreaming as he sees Knuckles going by. He needed Sonic to ask Rouge if she liked him, but unfortunately he heard this and…

“GAK-GU-KAAA.” Knuckles says in pain.

“What is it Knuckles?!” Sonic asks.

Tails runs over to Sonic and is confused about what the heck is going on.

“What is happening to Knuckles?” Tails asks.

“I don’t Know!” Sonic replies.

“Let’s take him to a Hospital.” Tails says.

At a hospital Sonic is sitting waiting for Knuckles to wake up, and looks like he woke up at 3:00 in the morning.

“Uh… What’s going on here? Huh? Where Am I?” Knuckles yells in Tails face.

“Calm down buddy, people are here too and they don’t yell in your face.” Sonic says.

Tails looks like someone just belched.

“Ew knuckles you need a breath mint!” Tails Exclaims.

“Yeah, plus you had a heart attack.” Sonic says.

“Oh, and now your just talking about my breath.” Knuckles replies.

“Anyway, why am I here? But I do know I had a heart attack, but I don’t know why I had one.” Knuckles continues.

“See I was wondering if I should-?” Sonic begins as soon as Knuckles remembers why…

“HIH-HUK-GAAAA!” Knuckles yells in pain… again…

“NOT AGAIN!” Tails yells.

“He’ll be fine the medicine is still working, he’ll wake up in 5 minutes.” the Doctor says.

“Okay.” Sonic replies.


Outside the room Rouge is waiting for Knuckles to come out, so she could see him.

“Hey…” Sonic says to Rouge.

“Rouge what are you doing here?” Tails asks.

“Waiting for Knuckles.” Rouge says.

“Why?” Tails asks.

“Because he’s my boyfriend.” Rouge replies.

“Boyfriend?” Sonic asks.

Sonic looks at Tails and Tails looks at Sonic.

“What wrong with that?” Rouge asks.

Sonic stares.

“PAHAHAHAHA!” Sonic laughs and Tails laughs.


“Ouch.” Sonic says.

“Ugh.” Tails says.

Rouge walks into the room Knuckles is in…

“Never laugh at Rouge.” Sonic says.

“Yeah. 'Cause you get beat up.” Tails replies to Sonic.

Back home…

“I wonder If Sonic loves me?” Amy asks.

“I doubt he loves me at all…” Amy continues.

Cream walks in and realizes Amy is sad.

“What is it Amy?” Cream questions.

“I don’t think Sonic loves me…” Amy replies.

“I’ll find out, how does that sound?” Cream asks.

“Sounds good!” Amy yells.

Part 2

Sonic is coming home and Tails is following him and Rouge is helping Knuckles walk down the street, but Sonic was still wondering if Amy still loves him. Sonic looks at Knuckles and turns his head towards Tails, and Tails is holding a picture of Cream because they are engaged. Sonic knows Rouge likes Knuckles, but does Amy still love him, and does she still want to get married? He couldn’t find out.

“Sonic what is it? You look frustrated.” Tails asks

“It’s nothin…” Sonic says.

“Okay, just wondering.” Tails says back.

Sonic seems so down I wonder why? I hope he’s okay… Tails thought about why Sonic barely ever has fun and why does he stare at Amy every time she’s around. They get back to the house and Sonic sits down to think.

“Alright in about a week I’ll ask Amy if she wants to go to the theater and watch a movie, and when we get home, I’ll ask her to marry me!” Sonic says.

In Amy’s room…

“Knuckles?” Amy asks.

“Yay. I just came to tell you Sonics been acting weird lately, so I’d stay away from him…” Knuckles says to Amy.

“What?!” Amy yells,… getting out the Piko Piko Hammer.

“Oh, it had to be me, it couldn’t have been Tails, Sonic or the writer; it had to be me!” Knuckles complains.



“Okay Knuckles, I think your nose stopped bleeding.” Tails says.

“Thanks…” Knuckles says.

“So why did you get beaten up?” Sonic asks.

“Uh… I fell into the door… and crashed through it… and hit a wall…” Knuckles says so Sonic doesn’t get mad at Amy.

“Weird.” Tails says.

“Look, I'm not sure you’re telling the truth Knuckles, because you only got your head hurt.” Sonic says.

“Whadda you mean?” Knuckles questions Sonic.

“Someone beat you up, cause if it was an object, your legs and hands would be bleeding.” Sonic continues.

“No they wouldn’t!” Knuckles says.

Knuckles hits Sonic and walks upstairs.

“Hey Amy. What’s going on?” Knuckles asks.

“I giving Sonic one week to tell me he loves me.” Amy answers.

“Wow, isn’t that a bit harsh?” Knuckles questions…again…

“No, it’s been six years and Sonic hasn’t told me yet…” Amy replies to Knuckles question.

“Alright…” Knuckles says.

Knuckles walks downstairs…

“I hope Sonic still loves me…” Amy says.


“What happened?” Sonic asks.

“Knuckles he’s okay!” Tails yells.

“Is it just me, or is that Shadow?” Sonic questions.

“Hi…” Shadow says.

“Well, well, well, it’s the man that went missing five years ago… How’s it goin?” Knuckles asks sarcastically.

“Well…” Shadow says.

“How’d you get in Shadow?” Sonic asks.

“Chaos Control…” Shadow says getting a Coke can.

“Oh, Chaos Control.” Sonic says.

“Hey Sonic, we gotta get to the city!” Tails yells.

“Oh joy…” Sonic says.

Sonic and Tails leave to go to the city.

“What’s been going on the past five years?” Shadow asks smiling.

“Dude, your smiling, that’s weird!” Knuckles yells.

“What’s so weird about smiling?” Shadow asks.

“Not much…” Knuckles says.

“Well I’ll go find the room I’m staying in.” Shadow says as he warps away.

Part 3

“So what are we doing in the city?” Sonic asks.

“Silver and Blaze are at Pio Pies.” Tails says.

“You mean the place that sells puke that looks like pie?” Sonic asks.

“Yep!” Tails replies.

“Oh, here we are!” Tails says.

“You mean the place that sells stomach bombs?” Sonic asks.

“Yyyeeeaah…?” Tails says, freaking out.

Silver and Blaze are sitting by a car.

“Silver, Blaze!” Sonic yells.

Sonic and Silver do a high-five, and Tails hugs Blaze, then Sonic hugs Blaze, and Tails shakes hands with Silver. They hadn’t seen each other in 2 years, and now they’re back.

“So why are you here?” Sonic asks.

“Cause, we haven’t seen each other in two years.” Silver says.

“I hope we can get a room at Chris’ house…” Blaze says.

“You bet!” Sonic yells.

They head back home…

Sonic is still thinking about Amy (and to think I’d put it into the story again). Amy has completely stopped seeing him and he was really wishing the week would end so he could ask her to marry him.

“Sonic your really looking bad, are you sure your okay?” Tails asks.

“Yeah…” Sonic replies.

Sonic is looking even worse than on Wednesday. Tails doesn’t stop one second to think about anyone else than Sonic

“Sonic I don’t believe you for the first time in my life!” Tails screams.


“Because you look worse than ever!” Tails yells.

Silver hears what’s happening and get’s in the argument.

“Shut up!” Silver yells.

Sonic scowls and looks away.

“Just walk home…” Silver continues.

They get back…

“Night Blaze, Silver, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow.” Sonic says.

“I don’t know why Sonic got mad, why?” Tails asks.

They all go to sleep…

Sonic wakes up the next day at 6:00 by hearing someone in the hall.

“Knuckles?” Sonic asks.

He follows Knuckles into the back of the hall around the corner and to the outside of Amy’s room. Knuckles goes in.

“Well it’s been seven days.” Amy says.

“I’m sorry Amy…” Knuckles says.

“I guess Sonic doesn’t like me after all.” Amy continues.

“Where are you goin?” Knuckles questions for the third time.

“California…” Amy replies.

“See ya…” Knuckles says.

“No, no, no, I failed. I failed my chance…” Sonic says as he walks downstairs and outside.

“I can’t believe I failed my chance…” Sonic says.

Amy walks outside…

“Sonic?” Amy asks.

“Hey…” Sonic says back.

“What’s the matter?” Amy asks.

“I failed, okay!” Sonic yells.

“What did you fail?” Amy asks.

“I want to marry you but I failed!” Sonic screams.

“Sonic!” Amy yells, hugging him.

“I’ll marry you!” Amy continues.


If You Like This Story

I've cleaned this story up for my brother. He made it kind of abrupt, but you have to admit that some of it is pretty funny. Here's a link to his talk page: User talk: Keizerzilla. Message him if you like it.

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