A Tale of Two Vampires is an novel about two vampire's trying to get their soul mate.They also try to kill their human friends and two people try to stop them.See also Vampire (Tale Universe.


The year is 1290 and an vampire is seen dragging his knocked out soul mate.He then bites into her neck,But the woman's brother comes and trys to kill the vampire.He is killed and because of the brother,The vampire has to kill the woman.

The year is 2004.Six friends Jane,Lori,Penelope,Harry,Garry and Brian are at Brian and Jane's house.It turns out that Brian and Garry are vampires and the vampire from the start is Brian.Brian says to Garry that he is going to bite Jane in the 'full moon'. while Garry will try to get Lori.However,Harry says to all of them that he and Lori are going out with each other.Garry then has an paper cut and when waching the dishes,Penelope discovers the cut is gone.

One day,Penelope discovers an old shop and reads an book about Vampires.The shopkeeper,Mary,Tells Penelope that there is an book about real vampires.She gives her it and says that all of her oldest daughters in the family get the book.As Mary has an daughter,She says she will train Penelope to become an gypsy.Penelope reads the book,And Brian and Garry are angry of this book as all the other copys were destroyed.

Wanting Lori,Garry puts an drug in Penelope and Harry's drink,Which makes them sleep together.Lori comes home and finds them and throws them out.Brian finds the bond of him and Jane are showing,So he kills her mother and father by making them taking an overdoes.

Penelope is suspicious of this and tells Mary.Mary says that she has to look after Harry and Lori and to either kill Jane or let her kill Brian and Garry.Penelope leaves,But then Garry and Brian enter and kill Mary.

Penelope tells Harry of all this and Harry believes them as he got proof.He shows her an picture of Harry and Garry in the world war.Penelope and Harry then agree that they must try and get Lori to discover them.

Thinking that an bond is showing,Garry trys to kill Lori's sister,Vera.He drags her along the ceiling and drops her.He then puts an knife in her neck,And her parents see this.Garry quickly kills them and makes it look like an break in.

Penelope discovers Mary is dead and also Lori's family.She and Harry then caught out Brian biteing Jane,Who is in an deep sleap.They try to run,But find Garry with Lori as an hostage.Penelope tricks them both and they escape but leave Jane behind.

They then find out that the vampire hideout is Orange Island.Garry then appears and drags an screaming Lori out into the sky.The two then manage to find an way to get to the Island by flying an helicopter,Which is Penelope's father.

They arrive and look for Jane and Lori.They discover the main hideout and find Werewolves (Tale Universe).Lori wakes up and is tied up in her bed.She finds Vera and her parents as vampires.She screams when Garry flys in and is about to bite her,Until Penelope stabs him in the heart.He turns around and trys to strangle her.Harry runs in and frees Lori and pushes Garry out the window and get chased by the other vampires.

They fall into an trap and find out that the vampires capture wolves and put humans in an survival sport game.They try to dodge the wolves and Penelope and Lori escape.Harry kills an wolve and manages to escape.

They find Brian with Jane.Jane is now an vampire and screams out in the air.We then see vampire coming out from the sea and going in to the hideout.The three then find themselve get captured by the vampires.


A Tale Of Two Vampires 2 The three manage to escape and help the werewolves to destroy the vampires.

A Tale Of Two Vampires 3 Chess Lori and Penelope find themselve in an chess situation as they must try and survive the upcoming vampires.Harry finds the main vampire,Brian.

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