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A Tale of New York is a story featuring the Friends characters. Phoebe is killed in an car crash, which results in her friends suffering.

One Prolouge

Rachel ran away from the apartment,With a heavily pregnant Phoebe trying to chase her."Rach,Don't go",Phoebe shouted in furstration.Rachel just ignored her.She needed to tell Ross she loved him.She ran across the road with her suitcase and that is when all her world came crashing down.

She heard the sound of two cars crashing into each other.Rachel looked around in horror and she vomited on the sight.Phoebe was in the middle of the two cars.Rachel collapsed at the sight.She just stared as her best friend was now no more.


"I Ross,Take thee Emily",Ross smiled as the two looked at each other happily."I now pronounce you husband and wife.You may kiss the bride",The priest said at the happy couple.They kissed and they slowly walked out of the room.

New York

Rachel then dialed Monica as another was phoneing 911."Monica,Phoebe has been in an accident.Please,Call me when you get this message",She cried into the phone and chucked it away.She vomited while an man ran up to her and hugged her.


Monica and Chandler were looking around trying to find an place to look for so they can have,Some privicy.Monica then looked at her handbag and looked at the phone."I have an message from Rachel"

Monica lisitened to it and she threw the phone away."Phoebe has been in an accident",She yelled which several people looked at her.Ross and Emily turned around to hear what happened.Monica bursted out crying.

Two Split

Frank looked at his wife Alice,Who was sleaping.He knew that,In an couple of months time,They would have three children.Their housephone rang and Frank ran up to answer it so Alice would not get disturbed.

"Hello this is Frank Buffay",He said happily."Hey,It is um,Rachel,Phoebe's friend",She repied in an shaky voice that made Frank's spine chill."She,Is dead,And so are the children",She then broke down in sobs.

Frank dropped the phone which shattered into pieces."Frank,Wha-",But she was on the look of his face that the children they wanted were dead."Are they dead?""And Phoebe",The two looked at each other and they hugged.

Frank had no family left.He had heard about Ursula,But she was an bitch so he heard.His half grandmother,Who is dead and Alice,His wife.But his mother had committed suicide when Frank moved out.


Monica and Chander looked at the blank television."Should we still date",Chandler tried to start an conversation."No.After Phoebe's funeral,I'm leaving.I was going to leave with Ross and Emily to France.

Chandler mutter an "Oh" and walked outside the room and bumped into Joey,Who still had not heard."You,Okay",Was all Joey said."Ask Monica",And with that Chandler left."What's up with-",But he collapsed at what he saw.Monica had just swallowed sleeping pils.