A Woman Carries An Alien Baby Is 2012 science-fiction thriller film


a woman get impregnate this guy and alien she screams help and don't hurt me



Milla Jovovich As Lina Randall the sister of carl and the sister in law of lori Wallace
Kate Beckinsale As dr Lori Randall who's carrying the alien baby
Eric Mabius As Carl Randall the husband of dr Lori randall
Gail O'Grady as Md Connie Carlson 
Neve Campbell As Candy Wallace the sister of lori randall
Nathan Fillion as Charlie wallace the dad of lori candy and carlos eva
Derek Mears as Md Tobey Carlson
Kristen Cloke As Velma Wallace The mother of lori and carlos and eva
Tyler Mane as Jacob Carlotta who the father of the alien baby
Max Van Ville as Carlos Wallace the brother of lori randall
Connor Gibbs as Charlie Randall the son of Lori and Carl randall


The Gynaecologist senceEdit

Md Tobey Carlson:hi Lori how are you today darling
Lori Randall:hey dr how are you
Carlos Wallace:Sister don't moan hold my hand
Md Tobey Carlson:[taking advantage of her] relax ok relax carlos can you go home
Lori Randall:[Crying] oh god ow
Md Tobey Carlson:your alright ok lori
Lori Randall:have sex with me

The Birth SenceEdit

Lori Randall:[in pain] carlos
Carlos Wallace:come on get on he bed i;ll get a towel and a blaket for you
Lori Randall:ok ow brother
Carlos Wallace:Oh my god you went in to labour push sister
Lori Randall:aghhhh
Carlos Wallace:it coming sister push
Lori Randall:aghhhhhhh
Carlos Wallace:[holding her legs and looking at the baby] it head out come on one more push
Lori randall:Aghhhh
then she see an alien baby

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