A World Without You is an novel that features the friends characters.It explains what would have happened if Jack and Judy Geller divorced in Ross and Monica's childhood.

One Divorce

Judy threw the vase at Jack,Just finding out that Jack is dating the dog walker."How could you",Judy shouted and she ran upstairs crying.Jack tried to run after her,But thought it would be up to no good.He looked up and saw an crying Monica.

"What happened Harmonica",He asked.She hated being called that but she did not mind."Mum hit me for no reason",She cried."Don't worry,We are moving,You and me and Ross.Got it",Jack tried to cheer her up but Judy heard the conversation."Ross could come with me if he wants",She said matter of factly.

Ross had overheard the conversation and stopped reading his dinosaur book."I pick dad",Ross suddenly said which made Judy cry even more.She had lost an husband and an child in one day.She could not care if Monica died or moved,She hated her guts.

Two weeks later.

"Dad,I'm going out for an jog.Love Monica",Monica wrote her sticky note and stuck it on the fridge.When she was jogging,She had noticed some people laughing at her.Well,She would if she saw anyone who was fat jogging.

Ross was looking at Rachel Green,Who was waiting on Monica to come home."Maybe i should ask her out,Ross suddenly thought.This could be his last chance.Ross then decided to do it as he told Monica,Who had just told him to do it.

"Rach",He suddenly said which startled Rachel."Yeah",She replyed."Can i date you",He had asked.Rachel looked at him and then started to think."Okay,Sure",She then turned around and still waited on Monica."Today,At the cinema",She then saw Monica coming in and the two left.Ross then went to go and tell his dad.

Two Chandler Bing

Ross was walking with his collage friend Chandler Bing."So,After Rachel leaves collage,If she does,I'm thinking of marrying her",He had said to Chandler."Anyway,Do you want to come over for thanksgivings"."Okay,But tell your dad i hate Thanksgivings",Chandler replyed.

At the Geller house,Ross and Chandler opened the front door.They were greeted by Monica and Rachel."I'm thinking we should

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