Abyssus (born Petrovin "Petr" Kristens ), is a Norwegian musician and primary guitarist for Norwegian black metal/technical black metal band Nocturna since its inception in 1991. He is the only founding band member alongside vocalist Nocturna Sublimina Sepulturum and drummer Varghulf, with the exception of Varghulf's brief hiatus.


Early years

Petrovin Kristens was born in 1969 and raised in Notodden, learning the guitar from his father Reichard "Jukki" Kristens (b. 1947) at age 10. By his late teens Petrovin, know more commonly as "Petr", was a competent guitar player, and sought to form a band. He and high school friend Johe Vigde formed a band in 1991 after being inspired by the new black metal scene, and where joined by Peter Grukken on drums. The band dissolved in 1993, but the three stuck together and formed Nocturna with additional band members Jonas Henrikten on guitars and Joachim Idved on bass.

"Crucifixion" stunt and controversy

During intervals between songs, or sometimes randomly, Abyssus will partake in a crucifixion stunt. Many venues have refused the band's return after this and many other of the common stunts are preformed.

Feud with Northoth

In 1995; Abyssus and Nocturna were subject to the criticism of Northoth (Andjers Tnir Christeson); lead singer of Finnish black metal band Azhektysm in an interview with BlackMetallCentral. He said Nocturna Sublimina Sepulturum wrote bad and meaningless lyrics, Abyssus couldn't play guitar and that the band just derived off scene originators like Mayhem and Emperor. Nocturna fans lashed out in support sending death threats to Northoth and Azhektysm drummer Durzek (Rorgard Tvre Sledske) and guitarist Undeth (Jhan Ygre Miknesnin).

Personal life

Petr is married with three kids, and has confessed to still taking lessons on and off from his father, who he says is the real guitar legend.

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