Becoming a Sith

Adaz Skywalker and his twin brother Rehtorb are you Jedi padawans,
when Darth Anonymous attacks the Jedi temple.

Anonymous takes Adaz as his apprentice and try to kill Rehtorb but Rehtorb escapes.

The takeover

Adaz (now Darth Zada) is well trained by Anonymous and is strong enough to beat a regular Jedi.

Zada, the Clones and Anonymous now try to take over Coruscant. They kill many Jedi again on their way.
Zada in front of the clones

Zada leads the clones

Return to the Jedi

Darth Zada

Darth Zada before his fight with his brother

Darth Zada have to fight his brother while Anonymous leads the clone army.

Zada nearly kills his brother, but refuses. Anonymous is angry and calls someone from behind him, It's Darth Doragon, a secret apprentice who nobody knew about. Darth Doragon jumps in to kill them both.

Rethorb jumps in front of Zada and get killed.
Rehtorb dies

Rehtorb dies at the hand of Doragon


He sees his brother got killed by Darth Doragon

Darth Zada can't contol his rage and kills Doragon in a second.
Doragon dies

Doragon dies very quick

. And he becomes Jedi again


After many Jedi become Sith, he, Olos Solo and Grand Master Yuka. attack the sith, they mannage to kill 2 Sith before he gets killed by Darth Grizley. After this Olos and Yuka kill the other Sith accept Anonymous.


The funral of Adaz


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