Adrean is one of the many corrupt Grendel and Titan 3's and is also partly responsible for the destruction of the first Haven Disc, and is the first Human to be corrupted by The Metatron.


Adrean, along with Triton, was a hired assassin of Avisto. She was one of the first Titan 3s and is responsible for the death's of hundreds of men, women and children on Takreeka Prime, the capitol of Takreeka. She escaped along with Avisto and Triton, and went to Bogart, who assigned her a new mission, upon completing this she would be upgraded to Queen Grendel, even though she was not a Grendel herself.


During this time, Adrean was leading a joint operation between the UEM, MSWG, and Grendel, in an attempt to secure Haven. The operation failed when Adrean was corrupted by the rampant Metatron, who told her about 'The Weapon of God', in otherwords, The Eye. With her new found drive to find this, she used the excuse of Jon killing Triton to begin the Grendel Rebellion, with her only motive to get The Eye. She, along with another Titan 3, Jamey, stormed The Apex after the MSWG mistakingly lowered the shield, allowing Adrean access to The Apex. She then left Jamey at the entrance to fend off Nathan and Davian, and then made her way up to The Zenith, here, she was supposedly infected by a Daemon Spawn and became a Human / Spawn hybrid, the Daemon Spawn who supposedly infected her had allegedly infected a Buttefly, giving her insect-like wings and features. Her two front hands took the form of her face, allowing her to cover up her 'true' face with her hands, making her appear human, and wrap her wings around her in a cloak-like appearance. After Nathan and Davian managed to kill Jamey, when they cornered her, Adrean used this appearance to antagonise and persuade Davian and Nathan. She then told them about how she ruthlessly killed all of those innocent women and children. Davian leapt at her in anger and she knocked him out with one swift back hand. Nathan and Adrean then engaged in quick battle, and Adrean then pinned Nathan up against the wall, and told him that he was endangering humanity. She was then distracted by Davian rustling on the floor, which gave Nathan a chance to punch her in the face, staggering her, she then dropped Nathan, and he then said cordially, "Kiss my ass." He then activating his helmet. Davian then grabbed the Eye, mistakingly dropping it, he still escaped along with Jon, Cody, Ivy, and several others including The Captain and Commander, and the Haven, along with Adrean, was then destroyed by the blast.

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