Adriana Julia Cassidy (born. 1985-) is an Australian musician, best known as the lead guitarist and only female member of the Australian metalcore/death metal band Red Rose For Ruby (band). She is the latest edition to the band, and previously played guitar in Brisbane band Satanika.

Personal life

Adriana Julia Cassidy was born on the 30th of November 1985 in Melbourne, Australia, to Peter Ivan Cassidy and Julia Monroe. She is the youngest of three, her older brother Trent Cassidy also plays guitar in the New Zealand metal band Karnage-6 and her second brother Luke is also a musician. Adriana joined Satanika with current band members Kaleb Jovanovich, Lisa Evans, Nick Hale, and Benjamin Jacobson in early 2002, at age 17. She joined Red Rose For Ruby (band) in 2007 after Jake Bordeau's death in 2006, but Satanika still remains and have gone on to mainstream success in the UK also.

Red Rose For Ruby

After joining Red Rose For Ruby in 2007, Adriana recorded their first album with them later that year, and critics praised her guitar playing.

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