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Adventure Sentai GoGoRanger is a 35th Sentai Season of Super Sentai. It's called the name, but to the GoGoRangers, it's called "Adventure Sentai GoGoooooooooooooooooRANGER!".


An alien invasion is happening, and Dr. Koyamadagoa has chosen 5 siblings of the Hikaru Family to be GoGoRangers.


The Hikaru Family (GoGoRangers)Edit

1 Sasuke Hikaru "The Fiery Adventurer!"
2 Shin Hikaru "The Watery Adventurer!"
3 Rio Hikaru "The Earth Adventurer!"
4 Mele Hikaru "The Thunder Adventurer!"
5 Saya Hikaru "The Love Adventurer!"
6 Hoji Arbarn "The Sunny Adventurer!"

The Hikaru Family, School Students, and DocEdit



  1. The Adventurers Bashed Off! They Attack KingCreature!
  2. Doctor's Medicine! 3 Days To Live!?

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