Short Information

This TV Show Take Place After SSBU Country And Its Based On Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog

In This Show Organisation Subspace Want To Take Over Mobius But One Team Are Standing In There Way And That's The Ultimate Freedom Fighters Who Ever Lived The Smashers

List Of Episodes


  1. "Super Special Smashers Search & Smash Squad"
  2. "Subterranean Smashers"
  3. "Lovesick Smashers"
  4. "Slowwww Going"
  5. "High Stakes Smashers"
  6. "Smashers Breakout"
  7. "Trail of the Missing Tails"
  8. "Close Encounter of the Smashers Kind"
  9. "Momma Robotnik's Birthday"
  10. "Big Daddy"
  11. "Smashers's Song"
  12. "Birth of a Salesman"
  13. "Best Hedgehog"
  14. "The Subspace Express"
  15. "Too Tall Tails"
  16. "Tails' New Home"
  17. "Over the Hill Hero"
  18. "Blank-Headed Eagle"
  19. "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops"
  20. "So Long Sucker"
  21. "The Smashers Gets Thrashed"
  22. "Pseudo Smashers"
  23. "Grounder the Genius"
  24. "Tails in Charge"
  25. "Sno Problem"
  26. "Submerged Smashers"
  27. "Boogey-Mania"
  28. "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby"
  29. "Xemnas Junior"
  30. "Full Tilt Tails"
  31. "Mac-Hopper"
  32. "Momma Robotnik Returns"
  33. "Spaceman Sonic"
  34. "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior"
  35. "The Last Resort"
  36. "Robotnik's Rival"
  37. "The Magic Hassle"
  38. "Sonic the Matchmaker"
  39. "Tails Prevails"
  40. "Zoobotnik"
  41. "Attack on the Pinball Fortress"
  42. "Mass Transit Trouble"
  43. "Coachnik"
  44. "Untouchable Smashers"
  45. "Super Robotnik"
  46. "Robolympics"
  47. "Magnificent Smashers"
  48. "Blackbot the Pirate"
  49. "Hedgehog of the Hound Table"
  50. "Subspace Pyramid Scheme"
  51. "Prehistoric Smashers"
  52. "Baby-Sitter Jitters"
  53. "Honey, I Shrunk The Smashers Again"
  54. "Subspaceland"
  55. "The Mobius 5000"
  56. "The Little Merhog"
  57. "Road Hog"
  58. "The Robots' Robot"
  59. "Tails' Tale"
  60. "Heroes of the Year"
  61. "Fast and Easy"
  62. "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted"
  63. "The Smashers is Running"
  64. "Robo-Ninjas"
  65. "Smashally Ever After"
  66. "super smash bros.unleashed easter fun"
  67. "super smash bros . unleashed halloween spook"
  68. "super smash bros unleashed thankgiving dinner"
  69. "Super Smash Bros. Unleashed Christmas Blast"

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