Adventures On Mount Crumpit is the first episode of 100 Acre Wood Chronicles.

  • Story

Buzz Lightyear Hamm and Rex get kidnapped by The Grinch and are prisoners in his fortress Mount Crumpit.

Woody Jessie Bullseye Pooh Bear Tigger Piglet Rabbit and Eeyore joined up together and journeyed to Mount Crumpit and began searching for Buzz.

Buzz Hamm and Rex escaped and sneaked out of their cages with help from Pooh and his gang. Little did they know that Woody and Jessie and battling with The Grinch. Buzz came to his best friend's rescue. But then - The Skullasaurus appeared and attacked the others. The Grinch and Jessie ran all the way up to the top of Mount Crumpit.

The Skullasarus appeared again and attacked Jessie. But Woody came and fought the beast. When Woody slipped and grab onto the edge of the cliff - the beast was about to finish him off. But Woody quickly jumped away from him and got back on. The Skullasarus tried one last time to smash Woody - But the Skullasarus fell off the cliff. Woody ran back to Jessie and embraced her. Although The Grinch is reformed - The Heroes returned home.

  • Triva

  • The episode is a Pilot to 100 Acre Wood Chronicles

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