Harry Potter. Lily Potter survived the attack and witnessed Lord Voldermort's 'death'. How will this affect the universe.

One Prolouge

Lily screamed as she saw Tom Riddle raise his wand at her baby. "Not harry", she yelled. She was crying. Tom yelled "Avada Kedarva" at the baby.

There was silence, apart from the screams of Harry Potter. Lily dared open her eyes. Tom Marvalo Riddle wasn't there.

Lily quickly got up and grabbed onto Harry. There was an scar, shaped like an lightning bolt, shaped on his forehead.

"Shh", she whispered to Harry as he continued to sob. Lily walked down stairs with Harry and was nearly sick at what she saw.

In the lounge, the furniture was destroyed. An picture of her and James, on their wedding day, was smashed. Lily then noticed her dead husband.

He was lying on the floor, his face as pale as an ghost. His eyes were still open, his bright blue eyes no longer bright.

Lily slowly walked outside and looked at the sky. It was night time. She looked back at the house, and noticed it was damaged.

"No", she whispered in shock. She then heard yells coming from the background. She turned around and noticed Siruis Black running towards her.

"Thank god you are okay. What happened to James", he asked. Lily never said anything. The tear escaping was an answer to Siruis.

Siruis then started to cry. His best friend, was dead. He had to remain strong. For Lily. For Harry. He looked at the house and cursed.

Meanwhile, Albus Dumbledore was in his office when he heard an knock on the door. "Come in", he said.

An woman with an tight bun came in. It was Minerva Mcgonagall. "What is it, Minerva", Albus asked. "Lily Potter and Siruis Black have told me, that, You-Know-Who is dead".

"What", Albus asked in shock. "He tried to kill young Harry Potter, but the spell backfired and hit him instead", Minerva explained.

"Also, James Potter was killed. You-Know-Who attacked Lily, and she told me that he said he promised to kill her next", Minerva was in verge of tears.

"Is Harry okay", Albus asked, concerned. "Yes. He is in the hospital wing", Albus followed her to the hospital wing.

There was Lily, in one of the cots. She was looking at the wall ahead. There was Siruis was trying to console her.

However, Albus main concern was the baby. There was Harry, getting examined by Madam Promfey. "This Scar, came from the killing curse", Promfey told them.

"But the main question is, How did he survive", Minerva asked. "I don't know. But atleast he is okay and has just killed the darkest Wizard alive since Salzar Syltheren", Albus said.

Meanwhile, Bellatrix Lestrange was screaming. She had been told that the dark lord had been killed by Harry Potter, an baby, and his mother also survived.

Bellatrix slapped Alice Longbottom on the face. "Where is your fucking son", she screamed. "I will never tell you", Alice shouted back.

Slap. Bellatrix raised her wand at Alice. Befour she could say Avada Kedarva, there was yells and screams. Bella turned around.

Dumbledore, along with Siruis Black and Minerva McQonagall. "What do you want", Bellatriz screamed. She turned her wand and quickly killed Alice.

Alice fell down next to her husband, who had his memory wiped. He looked at her confused. Bellatrix looked at Siruis, and shouted the killing curse.

However, Dumbledore quickly shoved Siruis away and managed to push Bellatrix away. He quickly knocked her out, and told Minerva to tell the Order of the Phoenix to come here.

Molly Weasley and her husband Arthur were looking at their youngest son Ron. He looked up at them and giggled.

They both heard an crack coming from the lounge. Arthur came running down and saw Minerva. "Hello Minerva", he smiled.

"Hello Arthur. I have some good news and bad news. The bad news it that James Potter and Alice Longbottom are dead. Frank Longbottom was tortured and had his memory wiped".

"What", Arthur was shocked. "The good news is. Bellatrix Lestrange and her brothers were captured. Also, You-Know-Who is dead".

Arthur was again shocked. "How did he die". "I don't know, but he tried to kill young Harry Potter, but the spell backfired and hit him instead", Minerva explained.

"What happened to Bellatrix and her family", Arthur was happy now that the wizarding world was safe once again.

"Well, they were throwen into Azkaban, no questions asked". "Also, there will be an house built next to yours", Minerva changed the subject.

"Why", he asked. "Lily and her son Harry will be moving there, along with Siruis and Remus. It was Peter that betrayed them", Minerva said befour Arthur could ask.

"That is horrible", he said. "Well, it his own fault. I better get going to my husband and my son. Good day", and with that, she disappeared.

Chapter 1 Same Age, Best Friends, Neighbors

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