Biographical information



October 29, 2342


September 9, 2421 (aged 78)

Physical description






Hair color

Bright red (in later years from 2400 white with streaks of gray, result of old age)

Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • New Empire era
  • Imperial conquest era
  • 23rd century (in Star Trek)
  • Galactic Empire of Star Wars (2348-2376)
  • Galactic Empire of Star Trek (2376-2395, in reality 2376-77)
  • Arachosian Empire (2395-2421)
  • Fleet Captain (2373-75)
  • Commodore (2375-76)
  • Rear Admiral (2376-77)
  • Vice-Admiral (2377-2387)
  • Admiral (2387-2393)
  • Fleet Admiral (2393-95)
  • Grand Moff of the Eastern Beta Regions (2379-88, in exile 2384-87)
  • Grand Moff of the Alpha and Beta Regions (2388-2395)
  • Empress and Autocrat of All the Arachosians (2395-2421)
  • Supreme Commander and Admiral of the Imperial Arachosian Forces (2395-2421)
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Stealth Force Mode

Alexandra I Nicator (October 29, 2342-September 9, 2421, original last name Daalasius), was a Star Warsian admiral of Kanos the Conqueror and one of the five Diadochi who divided Kano's Empire amongst themselves. In the Wars of the Diadochi that took place after Kano's death, Alexandra established the Arachosian Empire as a new power in the Star Trek Galaxy. Her empire would eventually become the most powerful and predominant state in the Galaxy.

Originally hailing from Anaxes in the Star Wars Galaxy, Alexandra had entered the Imperial Academy when she was only six years old and had, by hard work and effort, graduated from the top of her class. After joining the naval service at the age of 18, upon graduating from the Academy, she had risen quickly through the ranks, so that by the age of 31 she had become a fleet captain. In her first years in the service, Daalasius fought in campaigns against the Rebels and various criminal bands. Daalasius then became one of the primary subordinates and officers of Kanos the Conqueror, who himself was originally a supreme admiral of the Galactic Empire, who was responsible for launching the Empire's invasion of the Star Trek Galaxy in 2374. Over the next two years, Kanos and his forces conquered the great majority of the Star Trek Galaxy. She rose in rank to become a commodore in 2375 and then a rear-admiral just a year later. Daalasius commanded the Imperial forces at the Battles of Betazed and Vulcan. In 2375, the wormhole connecting Star Wars with Star Trek was cut off, trapping the Imperial invasion force. Kanos proclaimed himself Galactic Emperor of Star Trek in 2376 and concluded his campaigns, although he died under mysterious circumstances just a year later. After Kanos died, Alexandra was promoted to vice-admiral in 2377 and then was nominated Grand Moff of the Eastern Beta Regions in 2379, but was forced in 2384 by Grand Admiral Antigonus Rikin (Antigonus the Old) to go into exile. Supported by her friend and ally General Hycranus, she fought under him in his defensive campaigns against Antigonus and was eventually able to gather a force and return to the Beta Regions in 2387. After she was back, Alexandra conquered the Local Space region between 2387 and 2392 (the former entities of the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Breen, Gorn, Ferengi, and others). Alexandra also fought the Beta Quadrant War with Antigonus from 2388-90, consolidating her reestablished position. In 2395 Alexandra proclaimed herself Empress of Arachosia and became an independent sovereign, as the other Diadochi did at that time (prompted by Antigonus, who had proclaimed himself Emperor of Antigonia in 2394). Alexandra defeated Antigonus eventually (in coalition with Athanasius, Hycranus, and Devraldus), at the Battle of Borgia 009 in 2399, and later Athanasius I himself at the Battle of Sacra I in 2419. In 2420, Alexandra took the title of Nicator (Victor), symbolizing her triumph and secured position of power. She was the last of the Diadochi to die, in 2421. Her successor was her nephew Antochius I.

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