Alien.vs.Pretador War is an 2008 film and was directed by John Carpenter and welcomes new starts Brian Smith and Jenny Brown.The war rages on when Pretadors and Alien fight in planet earth,Which results in Earth never being the same while an man and his wife try to escape the chaos.


Two Aliens are seen in an temple in the year 1569.A group of soldiers are seen entering and they are attacked by an Queen.One man named Luis falls into an trap and befour he is killed,An Pretador kills that Alien.Seeing that Luis has an gun,It quickly kills him.

In 2008,Noel and his wife Sarah are in their honeymoon.They hear screams and Noel go's out in the corridor to see who it is.He is shocked to see an Alien killing the maid.He runs in and tells Sarah.Sarah does not believe him but then the Alien's tail smashes through the door,Which nearly kills Sarah.Sarah and Noel then lock themselve in the bathroom and sneak out through the window.

An Pretador is looking at an gang of outlaws torturing an woman named Mary.The Pretador sneaks and kills them,One by one.Mary runs away when she sees the predators real from.She is in the forest,And she falls down into an group of eggs.An Ailen then dives and cornors Mary.It then puts an facehugger on her.

Noel and Sarah run out of the hotel and they decide to get away from France.Meanwhile,The Pretador talks with another,And the other says that an Alien has planted an facehugger on some humans.

Noel and Sarah manage to stop an truck and the man,John,Asks them what happened.Seeing in their state,He talks them into going to the hospital.When in,An Alien jumps on top and manages to smash its tail inside,Which quickly kills John.

The two Pretadors see this and they jump onto the Alien.It kills one and an Pretador manages to shake it down the hill.When Sarah drives away,They stare at the Aliens and Pretdaors fighting in the neighborhood while unsuspecting humans are running and screaming.The truck runs out of gas and the couple see an man and two woman shouting at them to get in their house.

They do this and when they get in,They barricade and block all exits.The man is Harry and his girlfriend Jane and his sister Rachel.An Alien smashes in and they all hide in the basement.Jane then collapses.

To their horror,An Baby Alien pops up,Which kills Jane.Rachel and Sarah scream,Which results the Alien knowing where they are.The Alien smashes through and drags Harry away.Rachel and Sarah are trying to hold onto him while Noel locks the baby alien in the cuboard.

Harry is killed and Rachel starts crying.Rachel opens the door,While hundreads of baby aliens come through.The other two manage to escape while Rachel is killed.They come face to face with an Pretador,Who gives his life to save them.

Noel and Sarah then get away into an shed and they scream to each other what to do.Then,An Facehugger trys to get Sarahs face and Noel go's in front of her,Which he then falls down.Sarah trys to get it out but it tightens.

Sarah runs away and then finds out that the Aliens are abducting people into the spaceship.Sarah then cries out in horror when she finds out the Military are killing everyone,Pretadors,Aliens and Humans.

Sarah hides and sees Noel looking for her.Noel is killed when the Military start shooting at him.She then sees Aliens killing the Military and the Pretadors are killing the baby alien.Sarah is then abducted and then finds herself falling down,Into another planet.


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