Alien (1979)

  • Kane- baby alien crawls out of chest.
  • Brett- head bulonged with alien tentacle.
  • Dallas- eaten (offscreen).
  • Ash- decapitated / burned.
  • Parker- heart ripped out with alien tentacle.
  • Lambert- poked in the back with alien tentacle.

Aliens (1986)

  • Frost- set on fire / falls over a railing.
  • Dietrich- carried away by alien.
  • Crowe- neck snapped against cave wall.
  • Wierzbowski- killed by an alien (offscreen).
  • Apone- carried away by alien.
  • Drake- sprayed at face by alien's acid blood.
  • Ferro- mauled to death by alien.
  • Spunkmeyer- killed in explosion when shuttle crashes.
  • Hudson- pulled through grater by alien.
  • Burke- pinned to door through forehead with alien tentacle.
  • Gorman and Vasquez- blown up with alien (suicide).

Alien 3 (1992)

  • Sheldon- Mangled in spaceship accident
  • Ajay- Arm torn off
  • Diaz- Baby alien crawled out of chest
  • JD- bitten off screen
  • Hoffman- arm bitten
  • Kostas- arms bitten
  • Rogers- Impailed with tentacle
  • Matthews- throat ripped out
  • Hardin- impailed through mouth
  • Henderson- bitten in ass
  • Faulkner- shot by Dillon
  • Dillon- arms torn off (off-screen)

Alien Resurrection (1997)

  • Crane- face torn off
  • Kaplen- Baby alien crawled out of penis
  • Terry- killed off screen
  • Carlos- torn apart
  • Cotten- eaten
  • Dennis- hacked up with tentacle off screen
  • Wade- hacked up with tentacle
  • warren- bitten in head
  • Harold- bitten in neck
  • Briggs- eaten in stocam

Prometheus (2012)

  • Millburn- strangled by hammerpede.
  • Holloway- desinagrated with flamethrower by vickers.
  • Vladimir- punched in the neck by mutated fifield.
  • Taplow- head crushed by mutated fifeild.
  • Sheppard- set on fire by mutated fifeild.
  • Wallace- thrown at wall by mutated fifeild.
  • Barnes- stabbed in the back by mutated fifeild.
  • Mechanic 3- killed by mutated fifeild (offscreen).
  • Fifeild- ran over by monster truck.
  • Weyland- punched through chest by alien.
  • Ford- pushed down staircase by alien.
  • Jackson- thrown at ceiling by alien.
  • Janek, Chance, Ravel and 2 security androids- killed when ship crashes.
  • Vickers- crushed by falling cargo ship.