In this Trilogy,It is showen that the Alien's have took over an ship at first.The survivors that escape then suffer an invasion in Earth.As the remaining then head to an new planet,The aliens strike again.The Third one is an short

Alien 1 The ship that was invadedEdit

Vera,The leader of an team that is going to space makes sure that they have got food for dinner.The teammates are Frank,Manny,Noel,Jenny,Brian,Johnny and Harry.When they eat,An facehugger quickly implant's itself on Harry.The team try to remove it but the facehugger gets tighter and tighter.Jenny screams and Vera says that her father had researched on Aliens and said that Number 2 had escaped.Noel says that Number 2 is on the ship but Vera says that is impossible.An hour later the facehugger lets go and Harry is normal.However,When they are looking at space,He collapses and an baby alien burst's out and runs away.Jenny freaks out and Brian,Johnny,Vera and Noel look for the baby alien.

However,Number two then chases Jenny into an dark room.Jenny turns on an torch and is attacked and killed by Number two.The others hear her scream.However,The baby alien is now an adult and attacks them all.They leave Johnny for dead.However,Johnny crawls away to an room but is then given an facehugger by the Alien.Meanwhile,The others find Jenny's legs and Vera is sick.Brian then finds Manny hideing.Manny tells them that Number two ripped Jenny apart.However,They all find Johnny looking at them.Vera tells them that he is about to give birth and they shoot him.However,The alien bursts out and attacks and kills Manny.

The rest then escape to the coma room where they all go to sleap.They find Number two and a couple of eggs around.Vera then remembers her father saying if they are eggs there is the queen.Vera says that the queen is in the ship.Number two attacks them and eats up Brian.Frank,Noel and Vera run away down to the basement where the wires are.Vera says that they should crash the ship and that way the aliens will die.However,Frank says no.Then Number two and the other alien appears and trys to kill them.Vera and Noel escape as Frank is eaten alive.

Vera and Noel then go to the coma room and hide in their beds.The alien sees them but can not get them.Vera turns on a button which results an door opening.Vera is about to get sucked into space with the alien's but Noel grabs onto her.Noel then reaches for the button which closes the door.The pair then go to sleep,Forgetting about the Queen who hears her baby's die.

Alien Two invasion on this planetEdit

Vera and Noel land the ship.The pair come out and tell them what happened.They sue the Company who checked the ship incase of anything suspicion.Vera then returns to her apartment and phones her Father Ray.Ray says to her that Number two was found dead in the moon.Meanwhile,We see Number 2 getting took to an Military Lab.It wakes up and chases scientests and the military.An woman named Katie leads an man named John to an pannic room.Number two smashes in and eats John and Katie escapes.However,An Alien cornors her and puts an Facehugger on her.

Vera then is met up with her friend Grace.Grace says an thing[Facehugger] went on her face and her boyfriend managed to shake it out.Vera says she needs the toilet and locks the door.She then phones Ray and tells him what is happening.Grace then gives birth to the alien who gets outside.Meanwhile,We see an terrified Katie going out of the base.She heads to the Manhattan and then gives birth to the Alien.We then see the queen from the ship getting out with about twenty aliens all causing havoc.

Ray and his girlfriend Fiona plan to escape through the helicopter and pick up Vera along the way.However,An alien causes the helicopter to crash into the staute of liberty.Fiona dies and Ray is given the facehugger.Vera is then attacked by an baby alien and gets out.She then drives away to where Noel stays.She picks him up and they head to where her Father's work is.They get their and are allowed in by the Military.However,The Aliens then take over and the pair find out that the Queen is heading to New york.

The Queen then consumes New york in an matter of an hour.The survivors Frankie,Joni and Michelle head to an shop.However,Two Aliens consume Joni and Michelle.Frankie escapes but is then facehugged.Vera and Noel then escape to their ship with an group of survivors.However,The Alien's pick them off one by one til it is Vera and a man named Luis.They then get ship to space but do not see eggs in the coma room.Vera then gets an signal that an new planet is there and they head their.

Alien Three Alien's worldEdit

Vera and Luis arrive their and are amazed that an group of humans are their and there is one big Building which they can all live in.Vera notices the eggs hatch and she grabs an machine gun and tells them that the Aliens are there.The ALiens casue havock and Vera manages to save Lauren,Luis,Brian and Lenny and they head to an room.When they get their,An Alien Quickly facehuggs Lenny and Vera shoots at Lenny and the facehugger.However,An Alien's tale burst's through Vera's Torso.Luis tells the others to escape and they all run while the Alien carries Vera to their base.

The others then hide and Lauren says that they might as well die.However,An Alien burst in and eats Luis.Lauren escapes to the Alien base unknowenly.She then finds evreybody's corpses,Even the ones in the first.She sees an dying Vera.Vera mutters that Lauren is the last human in the universe.Lauren then cries as Vera dies.Then an Alien attacks Lauren.Lauren manages to escape but sees The Alien Queen.However,She grabs an bomb and blows up the building which kills them all.

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