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Alien V, AV, or Alien 5 is will be the fifth installment in the Alien series. It takes place 5 years after AR, and will be the final chapter in this astonishing series.

Two Directors

It appears Alien V will be the first film in its series to have 2 directors, Ridley Scott and James Cameron. Both were highly disappointed with Alien 3 and Resurrection, that they decided to pair up.

Plot Synopsis

Alien V takes place 5 years after Alien Resurrection. The USM has expanded and become more powerful than ever, and now, they have found the Aliens' homeworld. Originally, the planet was home to the Malakak, or "Space Jockies", and in their downfall, the Aliens took over. The USM have currently set up a research base on the Planet. It is currently unknown what the planet is called. In the time the USM is there, they capture several alien specimens for study. The USM are still attempting to tame the Aliens, looking for different methods for controlling them. The USM Esmerelda is called to run a shipment of specimens to Earth for closer study, however, little do the scientists know, these Aliens are much smarter than the off-worlders, and lied in wait as they shipped them onto the ship. As soon as the Aliens were aboard, they broke free, they had tricked the scientists into thinking they had tamed them, and were now loose on board the ship as it headed towards Earth. Meanwhile, at the USM headquarters on Earth, a new recruit was just now joining the ranks of Private, James Higgins. Higgins was abused by his parents, and he ran away and decided to join the military. Unfortunately, his first operation is one including Xenomorphs. Back on the ship, the Aliens have made a small Hive in one of the ships Disposal Units. Nearly all 36 crew-members have been killed but 5, Arnold Reese, a hardened military veteran who has been working on a power suit known as the Berserker, Dr. Robert Cotlow, a Science Officer who was always fascinated with the Aliens, and always thought they had an inner beauty, Bueller, another scientist who was studying the aliens, Falser, Chief Engineer, and Griggs, Warrant Officer of the ship. Falser, who knows the anatomy of the ship well, devises a plan to kill the Aliens in their hive, by activating the inceneration unit, but by doing so they will have to enter the Hive itself, for the switch is in there. When they get to the Disposal Unit 3 by way of an air-duct, they find they have made a Queen. Chief Engineer Falser offers to sacrifice himself and go down there and hit the switch, when he goes down there, he is attacked and maimed by a swarm of Aliens, but in his dying breath, manages to hit the switch and all the aliens are incinerated, except one... The Queen. When the room cools they find that all that is remaining are the charred bodies of her warriors and her egg-sack. Cotlow is watching from operations as Reese, Griggs, and Bueller decide what to do. Reese tells them to follow him to the Cargo blister. When they get there, there are 4 incomplete Berserker ExoSuits. He tells them how to use them, and they climb in. Cotlow remembers Reese telling him about them, and calls them by B-1, B-2, and B-3. Reese asks him where the Queen is, and he uses the radar to tell him, unfortunately, the Queen is right on top of them. She leaps on, and destroys Bueller's ExoSuit, Bueller escapes, but the Queen destroyers her suit, she then targets Griggs. She tackles his suit and the 2 of them fight, falling down into the cooling unit. Griggs suit is frozen solid, but he escapes into the elevator shaft. The Queen follows, but not before loosing him. She then returns to the Cargo hold, but Reese isn't there. Back at the Operations, Bueller and Griggs are telling Reese to fall back to Operations, so that they may escape, that the Queen is too powerful for him to fight, but he refuses. Reese returns to the Cargo hold and Cotlow tells him that the Queen is right on top of him. The Queen jumps down, missing him, but disabling one of his guns. He opens fire with the other one, but the Queen's exo-skeleton is too thick, and the bullets merely ricochet off her thick hide. The Queen tackles the suit and lifts it up off the ground. Reese tries to get out, but is stuck. She then slams the suit down onto the ground, and it explodes. However, the Queen is completely oblivious to the fact that he had climbed out moments before it exploded. Reese then used this time to run into the hallway, however, the Queen had spotted him and proceeds to pursue him. Reese is now dashing back to operations, as the Queen is following him. He then manages to get the bulkhead shut and escape to the room and meet up with the other 3. Then Cotlow pulls out a Pistol. He says he is getting out of here alive, and nobody else is following him. Cotlow then shoots and kills Griggs as he tries to attack him and he then takes the last remaining shuttle out. The Queen then breaks trough the bulkhead and kills Bueller by impaling her with her tail and then swipes Reese across the face, and as Reese is passing out, she impales him with her tongue.

About an hour later, the crew that Private James Higgins is sent in with, which is 6 soldiers, lead by Captain Thomas. They get a call from command as they enter the ship. They say they have found no bodies, but then they find the remains of Reese, Bueller, and Griggs, saying one of them was shot. Captain says it was probably suicide, or paranoia. They then get a call from a Science officer saying he survived named Cotlow. Cotlow tells him there is one left, The Queen. The Captain says it will be a piece of cake, but Medic Cpl. Shawn Areks says otherwise as he sees the recording of the Queen completely destroying Reese's ExoSuit. As they go to the armory to get better weapons, Arex is killed and they close the bulkhead to the docking bay and the 5 of them are trapped in the armory and then Pvt Derrick Adems grabs a G21B Missile Launcher and aims at the door, and the Queen crashed through and stabs Adems before he can shoot. Higgins grabs the launcher but Thomas stops himsaying the Queen's infrotn of the hull. She then kills another soldier as he tries to retaliate and then she goes for Higgins. Thomas knocks him out of the way. Higgins the fires at the queen and supposedly kills her, but her upper body is still intact, and before going after Higgins as he begins climbing the ladder to the escape bay, she kills Thomas as the ship begins to go into lockdown due to the Queen's acid eating through the hull, making Higgins the last survivor, and he intended to escape. Then the ship's doors begin to close, and Higgins makes it to the shuttle and escapes just in time.

An angry Higgins is then seen storming up to General Recklan and punching him in the face. He angrily says that this entire company is a corrupt group of bastards (as he says this because Cotlow was one of their leading scientists) and that they are out to study the things, not kill them. He says that they are a detriment to him and his life. Higgins then proposes that he quits and he then leaves.

Higgins spends his days in an apartment in the city for several weeks before he hears a knock on his door and a mysterious man says that he is wanted by the USM, and that if he wants to live that he go to this address and he slips an envelope under the door. He then says he better see him there and he leaves. Higgins takes the envelope and reads it. It explains the danger that the xenomorph poses to humankind and that they must be stopped. It says if he wants to see them die, that he go to the address listed.

Higgins arrives to see nobody here. He is then greeted by Ripley who welcomes him to the place, an old abandoned Marine outpost. Ripley introduces herself as Amanda Lawson but then Higgins stops her saying her knows who she is, he then says "Lieutenant Ellen Ripley First Class Number Three Six Seven Oh Six". Ripley is taken aback by his knowing her, and he reveals that he studied her and the incidents on LV-426, and Fury 161. Ripley replies saying that she is not Ripley, but a Clone made from DNA samples, she has formed a small but devoted resistance of soldiers who are willing to kill the xenos for good.

Johner gives him a tour of the place and introduces him to Vriess, who is, unlike before, standing with advanced surgery done to his legs to make him able to walk again, Hannler, a physicist who knows a lot about Alien anatomy particularly their weaknesses, Wilkes, a war veteran, and the rest of the team, and finally Annalee Call, an auton who knows a lot about Ripley as well and the aliens. Call and Higgins then feel a sort of 'connection'. Ripley then tells them about what is going to happen. They are going to destroy the aliens homeworld with a bomb. In order to do so they will need a majority of the planet's population at the bomb-site, to do this she explains how the Drones will come to the Queen's aid if she is in danger, and the plan unfolds: They are to capture the Queen Mother and take her to the bomb site, she explains that she will have to be heavily sedated, and that many of them will probably die. The Drones will answer her calls and will gather at the bomb site, when they are all collective, we will detonate the bomb, and wipe them out. She then asks if there are any questions.

Back at the USM headquarters on the alien homeworld, Recklan is telling his soldiers about a plan to get The Mother's Royal Jelly as he calls it. Recklan plans to sell it as a drug and make trillions. He explains about the Royal Jelly's 'high' that it gives when he shows a sample of it collected from a Royal Facehugger. He explains that the Mother's type is much more amplified. He explains that they will also capture a live Royal Facehugger and breed an Alien Queen in captivity and genetically alter her to create all queens. He explains that for around every 100 queens a Mother is born. A Mother is simply a more potent queen which can give birth to generations at a time and that the Mother has the ability of mind-control.

Recklan then hears that they have captured an Alien Royal Guard. The alien is massive, with a smaller cowl than a Queen. It manages to kill several USM Guards before it subsides. Cotlow actually approaches it and touches it, before it throws him aside and breaks down the door to the rest of the base. Cotlow begins laughing maniacally. The Praetorian then stalks and kills 6 men.

Meanwhile, Recklan and Cotlow finish working on the first Alien Cyborg which is scripted to be sent in undercover to collect jelly samples. Recklan, activating it, sets it loose to kill the Preatorian. It succeeds by ripping its head off and roaring. Recklan then contains it in a cell and congratulates Cotlow on his work. Cotlow remarks saying, "It is an honor to work with the Gods of Space."

Afterwards, the Peacemakers have begun repairs on the ship, known as "Into the Void". The crew of 30 sets off for the homeworld. After emerging from hypersleep, they look out a window to see the planet, completely encrusted in a mile thick layer of the Alien's secretion. They land and set up camp and perimeter defenses.

Cotlow, walking by the Alien cages, realizes that XK-11, as they have called it since the first 10 were unsuccessful, is gone. He reports this to Recklan who then orders the base to be on high alert. But it is too late, the Alien Cyborg has already killed half of the base's population. The beast escapes but not before killing all of their specimens. Recklan then calls for reinforcements "lots of reinforcements" and begins working on a counter to the cyborg beast, and also calls for "Hybrids". These Hybrids are a mesh of alien and human DNA created from blood samples of the creature produced by the Cloned Queen aboard the USM Auriga. Cotlow also tells Recklan that he got 'blueprints' of a mechanized Assault suit known as a Berserker and sent it to USM HIGHCOM.

The Peace Makers then approach the Egg Silo, a massive structure housing alien eggs, and the Mother herself. They then infiltrate it via a host entrance, where they observe Alien Drones carrying in hosts every few hours by the hundreds. "There has to be thousands of them in there!" explains Johner. Higgins among them, the squad treks into the stronghold, and are attacked by Aliens. They fight furiously but the assault falls apart and the team is almost completely destroyed. Then Higgins explains he is seeing the Mother. Johner follows his gaze to see the monster herself "That thing is as big as my apartment building!" He exaggerates. They then manage to escape to the outside after Higgins tosses in a Shrapnel Grenade. He detonates it and the Silo explodes. He had no idea that the temperatures were being caused by flammable chemicals. The entire structure erupts in a ball of flame. The creatures lie dying and then Higgins snaps back to reality, "The queen! she can't die or our plan is wasted!"

It goes back to Ripley, Call, Vriess, and the few others at the main camp. Call asks Ripley about Higgins. She says she know little about him other than he used to work for the USM. Call says that he cannot be trusted. Ripley retorts "You didn't trust me at first and I turned out all right, didn't I?" Ripley then gets a call from Johner that they need a little back up.

It returns to Higgins' and Johner's situation as they surround a massive, yet injured, Queen. It hisses at them defensively. The Queen Mother measures 60'0" or more and at least 300'0" from nose to tail. Ripley arrives in a massive Heavy Dropship used to transport the massive hull fragments for building star freighters. A Facehugger then leaps past Higgins and straight for Johner, who blasts it with his Shotgun. Higgins is puzzled momentarily but then snaps back to reality. Higgins offers to lure her into the dropship but Ripley says otherwise. She then begins to call to the Queen to lure her. The Queen hisses angrily and follows. She then uses her strength to leap at Ripley who dives out of the way and the Queen slams into the back of the massive cargo bay of the heavy dropship and they begin to raise the gate. The Queen thrashes violently, rocking the ship, all 490,650 lbs of her rocking the ship.

Recklan gets a report that the ship containing the Hybrids crashed around 3 hours ago and they have quickly spread over the entire planet and the Xenos and Hybrids have begun fighting. A Strike Team arrives at the base producing a sedated and injured Hybrid. Cotlow begins surgery and a few hours pass and he has turned the Hybrid into a full fledged Hybrid Cyborg. XK-12. Recklan says that he is proud of Cotlow and that it will be contained immediately. Cotlow then grows angry of the General 'caging' his 'children' and Cotlow raises a pistol to the General. Recklan tells him he doesn't want to do this. Yet Cotlow says that the Aliens are a new breed, the future of Humanity, that they have been fighting this 'DNA War' for over 250 years and are still loosing. He says that they, Humanity, have been fated by God himself above to fall into extinction and that we cannot go against God's Will. General Recklan says he is Insane but Cotlow denies his Insanity, saying that no, he is not insane, he says the God is promising a new Genesis and that he, Cotlow, is the new Messiah. Cotlow then shoots Recklan and frees XK-12 to go kill XK-11 as it was programmed to. Cotlow then plots to kill XK-12 before it can kill any more Aliens or Hybrids.

Moments Later, Cotlow extracts a DNA sample from an Alien corpse and injects it directly into his own bloodstream and almost immediately his skin begins to darken and his veins begin to pump with acidic blood.

The Dropship then arrives at the bomb-site and they file out. They are joined by frightened USM forces who ask if they can offer Commander Hicks' gratitudes for capturing the Queen, and offer to help them defend the bomb-site. Ripley looks and sees around a hundred or so of them in Berserker ExoSuits. Ripley approves, remembering vaguely of a man named Hicks who assisted her in the battle of LV-426. They then remove a heavily sedated almost comatose Alien Mother. Ripley then looks it in the face and says, "Prepare to die you bitch." Soon after, the Aliens, as well as The Hybrids arrive and engage in a massive battle of thousands of Aliens fighting thousands of Hybrids.

Call and Ripley sit down together as Ripley begins to feel sick. Call asks if she is alright and she says she can feel the creature moving inside of her, she feels as though it is not safe to be around her. Higgins asks if everything is alright and Ripley nods her head. He asks about Call and she nods as well. He then asks if there is anything about Ripley that Higgins should know. Call pulls him aside and tells him that she has Alien DNA inside of her. Higgins is shocked, and even more so when Call tells him that she fears the Alien inside of her may be taking over what humanity remains inside of her. Higgins then tells Call that no matter what happens, he will make sure that nothing happens to either one of them, and that if Ripley looks at her funny one time that he will 'put her down himself'. Call is moved by his statement, and proceeds to ask him why he would care for her is she was an Android. Higgins is about to answer when an Alien leaps at Call and Higgins jumps infront of it and it impales him, and white blood spews from his mouth. Call screams and Ripley looks up Gauntly and turning Pale. Higgins then becomes fueled by rage. With superhuman strength Higgins punches the Alien right in the face, causing it to recoil. It withdraws its tails and stumbles backward and Higgins falls to the ground, looking dumbfounded at the white blood on the ground and on his hands before asking terrified, "What the hell am I?" The Alien then gets back up and roars, preparing to strike again. When Ripley stands up, claws jutting from where her hands used to be, and grabs the Alien by the throat, and rips it out, acid blood spewing everywhere. As the Aliens begin to push back the Hybrid army they turn to their Queen. The Berserkers line up and Higgins realizes why he and call felt a connection, they were both Androids. Call helps him up and Higgins then realizes what he must do. He tells call that they may never see each other again, but he tells her that he must lead them, that it was what he was born to do. Higgins then leaves her and the changing Ripley. Higgins then appears before the Berserkers and tells them a speech to ready them for battle. Then, as the Aliens line up, readying themselves for the final push, the lead Praetorian screeches, and the Berserkers open fire on Higgins' command who is dual wielding M41X Pulse Rifles. He then opens fire along with them and they rip into the alien forces like butter. One by one, however, the Berserker units begin to fall under waves of Aliens.

As Call leans over the Ripley dying on the ground, Ripley tells her about Newt, and Hicks, and Bishop and all of them, and then she begins to cry when she remembers Newt. Between the scene with Higgins and Ripley a grotesquely mutant Cotlow boards a ship inbound for the Bomb Site. Another ship, already approaching, crashes as they realize that both the pilots had been killed by an alien, but what kind?

A heavily damaged Alien Cyborg XK-11 emerges from the wreckage, and proceeds towards Ripley but Call stands infront of her, and the alien throws Call against the wall. Another Cyborg, this one XK-12, appears. The 2 battle. XK-12 defeats it and then turns to Ripley. It begins to approach her, but the hulking Alien Queen rises up behind it and crushes it with one fell swoop. The Alien Queen, having mustered the last of her strength, falls back into a comatose stage.

Ripley reaches up and activates the timer. Call approaches her and begins to help her into the escape ship but Ripley tells her to leave her, saying she is an abomination to mankind, and that she would rather die than be what she is fated to become, an Alien. Call hesitates, but then climbs into the Drop Ship's Escape Ship and takes off. Higgins sees her and his eyes go soft for a moment, and he then returns to battle. Then, as he sees this, another dropship careens out of the sky and crashes into the main dropship. Out of it steps a hideous Cotlow/Alien hybrid. An Alien with an elongated skull, human-like hands, ribcage, tailless, and with human jointed legs, and the most prominent feature being two massive eyes set in the front of its skull in eye sockets. Cotlow then destroys the bomb with his acid blood. It can also speak. It says, "You cannot go against the will of God." to Ripley who lay dying on the ground. Ripley then gets up slowly and says. "You are no God." Cotlow then replies. "They'll never understand you, Humans, you're just a freak, like ME. Cotlow then holds out his hand. You can join us, I joined us, we can rule this Alien Empire as King and Queen, and we can both become the Rulers of the TRUE Gods of Space." Ripley then replies. "You will never know what it is like to be a Mother, to loose a loved one, to die, like I do. I will gladly die again, because I hate being this... this... abomination." Cotlow then snarls in anger. "Abomination? Abomination!?" He then grabs Ripley by her throat and lifts her into the air. "We could have been Gods! But no! You have to throw all of that power away, FOR WHAT!? You don't deserve to live." Then as Cotlow is about to kill Ripley, Higgins sees this and dives after Cotlow, tackling him. Cotlow and Higgins fight. Cotlow overpowers Higgins and is about to kill him when Ripley leaps onto his back. Cotlow then flings her onto a wooden spike sticking out of a wall. And while Cotlow is momentarily distracted, Higgins manages to impale him with a bayonet lying on the ground. Cotlow then falls to the ground dead. Higgins then approaches Ripley, lying upon the spike. She then says. "Kill me..." Higgins mournfully picks up a Pistol lying on the ground, aims it at her head, and hesitates. "I'll be with you soon, my baby." she says. Higgins then fires the pistol into her head, killing her. He drops the pistol and falls to his knees. "I wish this could have been any other way." he said. He then sees the last of the Berserker suits fall and the Aliens begin climbing over the Queen, apparently reviving her. The Queen then rises up and sees Ripley. It approaches her, and while it does, Higgins activates the bomb inside of XK-11. Higgins then sees the Alien Queen sniffing Ripley or somewhat and Higgins quotes, "Hey!" The Queen turns to Higgins. "Get away from her you BITCH!" She roars and the Aliens begin climbing onto Higgins. And as they are ripping him apart, Higgins' hand reaches out, holding the detonation switch. Higgins then says to the Queen as she towers over him. "I'll see you in hell bitch. He then lets go of the button...

In Call's ship she is sobbing about Ripley's and Higgins' deaths, and then an orb of light erupts from the site and spreads out, sending her ship careening into the ground. Later, Call narrates about what happens after the explosion. "After the Queen's death, the Alien population began to decline. With their core destroyed, the Aliens were doomed. The USM fell into disarray and was eventually dissolved." It has been 261 long years of endless fighting. We then see Call arrive on a hill top, overlooking the horizon, looking at the destruction the bomb's blast radius caused. "As for me, I'll never forget about the fellow Auton who saved my life, or Ripley, or much less, her legacy. Her legend will live on, I will make sure of it." Then the credits roll.


Metacritic gave AV a 100 out of 100, like Aliens, although it will never be as scary or original as the original 2 Aliens movies. A. Compton states, "Out of the seven current Aliens films, it would number 3, below Aliens and the original Alien."


Ridley stated that he wanted to go back to how the Aliens looked in the first 2 movies. Cameron did concepts of the Aliens and came out with the tallest and lankiest, not to mention most horrifying design yet. It was heavily influenced off of the original Giger Alien only with longer limbs and skinnier disposition, although Cameron stated they were heavier and more muscular than the other aliens, it just didn't show. Cameron also stated that these weren't a specific breed, they were how Cameron thought they should look, not like "Steaming piles of shit, like in Resurrection."

Below is a sculpture of the final design. It is several Aliens sitting on top of one another in an Alien Pile.

below are some concept drawings:

Another addition is also the Alien Royal Guard or Praetorian as Johner calls it. They protect the Alien Queen herself.

The next was the Alien Female, as Cameron stated. The Females are often mistaken as Queens, when really they aren't Queens yet, the only Queen seen is the Queen herself towards the end of the film. He states, the Female is commonly mistaken as a Queen, and the Queen is mistaken as a Queen Mother, as she is simply a Queen.

Below is a picture of the Female seen inside the Esmerelda.

Cameron said the "Female" in AvP looked too much like a T-Rex, so he redesigned it based on the one in Aliens, which moved more like the puppet, only with CGI, making it more terrifying.

The new element was the Queen of the entire Alien species. They said if anything, she was going to massive, and nearly unstoppable, the baddest mother of them all. Cameron said he wanted to have elements from the younger Female, but still overall go for a new look, and try to make it look feminine, and not like some cheap monster bullcrap. The Queen herself in full body was entirely CGI, they claimed they just couldn't make something that massive, but for realism, they designed a cast of her head, which was 50 feet long, long enough to walk across, 12 feet wide at its widest point, and weighed over 20,000 pounds. It had to be built onto a large crane and lowered slowly infront of the camera, it took 13 men to puppeteer its mouth alone. Below are a few rough sketches of the Queen.

The Queen is commonly called Hive Queen or Empress to avoid confusion.

The new Alien Mutant is not naturally created like how the one in Resurrection was born, but this one Cameron described as a 'Scientific Abomination' and was not naturally created, but was born by Cotlow inserting Alien DNA directly into his blood stream which caused him to massively mutate. The below image of the original Alien designed by Giger without a Cowl inspired Cameron to create the Mutant:

They managed to re-create it, the only main change was that within the eye sockets were Human eyes and eye-lids, and the lips were more human-like. The new creature stood slightly taller than an average Xenomorph, was more intelligent, and instead of 6 fingers like the others it only has 5, and the tail is absent, to make it appear more primal. The main biological difference between the Mutants opposing the Aliens, and the Cotlow Mutant, is that, unlike the others which are Aliens that have large amounts of Human DNA, he was a human with large amounts of Alien DNA.

Two more new additions to Alien V are the 'Xenoborgs' XK-11 (Xeno Killer-11) and XK-12.

XK-11 is the eleventh experiment of a series of 10 failed experiments. XK-11 is a captured Alien Drone that has been surgically augmented with high-caliber machine guns and a metallic endo-skeleton. It was considered a success until it rebelled and escaped. Below is the original design programmed on the computer.

XK-12 was created to stop the rampant XK-11 and instead of an alien Drone was created from a captured Mutant Alien, and instead of Machine Guns had incorporated Missile Launchers as well. It was originally going to have a half-machine face but Ridley decided against this saying "it was just too much." he also originally did not want it to have any sort of 'launcher'.

The Hybrids, although Mutant is a better term, are the spawn of the original Human Mutant Alien in Resurrection. USM collected DNA samples of the original and using their state of the art cloning technology managed to clone a mature female which began breeding more for study. Originally there were thirty but after they crashland on the Aliens Hiveworld they spread and quickly reach into the thousands. They battle the original Aliens for dominance. They are eventually vanquished as they retreat. The Mutants seen in Alien V are more mature than the one in Resurrection, so they have grown an exoskeleton, but their most striking features is their dark colored skin and their eyes, instead of black, are now white. They also have ridges in their cranium now, and they have long, chitinous tongues. Their fingers are also long with barbed tips and they have thick dorsal spines.

Locations: - An area inside the Esmerelda.

The Aliens:

In the movie. The Aliens stand nearly nine feet and weigh as much as a small car, as seen when one alien leaps into the air and lands on the APC, putting a dent in it. Their strength is also at its max in any of the previous movies, as one alien actually flipped the APC with one arm, and with little effort at all. Their resilience is also displayed, as it takes almost a full clip from a Phase Plasma Pulse Rifle to kill one. Their intelligence seems to be at its optimum as well, as they are seen to be almost communicating with one another, making mouth movements that look like speech, only with hisses, growls and roars. Overall, the way they attack and move, is described as 'ape-like' and not as graceful. Cameron explains this is due to the nature of their human hosts. He wanted to make them more in kin with their host, unlike in Resurrection, and the AVP films, he described they weren't in kin enough with their host creatures.

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