Alien vs. Predator vs. Jason or AVPVJ is the fourth film in the AVP series. It features both the alien races and features Jason Vorhees who terrorises the inhabitants of Salt Lake City, Utah.


An Xenomorph "hatchery" ship crash lands in Salt Lake City and immediately facehuggers emerge and impregnant the inhabitants of the city's rural area. Soon after a Predator contigent arrives on Earth and begins to kill xenomorhps and impregnanted humans, whe Jason Vorhees arrives. In a desperate attempt to defeat the Alien queen, the humans team up with the Predators and Jason to kill her and her offspring. However when this done the Predators are betrayed by Jason and he kills all except when, the humans escaping. Jason and the surviving Predator are then ambushed by facehuggers and both impregnated. After a brief conversation between the main human characters, a Jason xenomorph bursts forth from his corpse.


Officer Jerome Henderson and his son Jimmy are out on their car watching stars, when they see something unusual plummet to Earth. Jerome goes to investigate and disappears, Jimmy following him and searches for his father. He finds him lying outside a spaceship (a Xenomorph "hatchery" ship), with a facehugger attached to his face. When Jimmy tries to pry it off, another egg opens and he is ambushed by a facehugger.

The next day Officer Robert James investigates his friend's disappearance and heads to the location. When he discovers both Jerome and Jimmy lying in the rubble of the spaceship, he instantly administers them medicine. Jimmy then complains to his dad that his stomach hurts, but Jerome and Robert ignore him. He begins to jerk around violently, and a chestburster bursts out of his chest. Robert runs out of the ship and watches as another chestburster emerges from Jerome. He swears and grabs his pistol, firing on the chestbursters. They escape into the rubble, but a mature xenomorph drops from the roof and hisses at Robert. He runs and the Alien pursues him, someone leaping forward and slicing off the xenmorph's head. Robert looks to see who saves him and it is Jason Vorhees. Jason lets Robert leave in his car and goes to the ship, searching for the two immature xenomorphs from Jerome and Jimmy. He is ambushed by another xenomorph, and quickly kills it. Its acidic blood drips onto his arm, but does not effect.

Robert returns home to his wife Lisa and tells her what happened, but she assures him it was probably his imagination. Robert protests, but she stops him and tells him to get ready for dinner. At the police station, the police have taken the two bodies for examination. Outside the security guards sees a garbage can fall over and investigates. A Predator is cloaked nearby, and kills the security. He then becomes visible, along with three more nearby. On their way to the police station they encounter Jason Vorhees, who does not even acknowledge them. They ignore him and enter the police station with their cloaking devices on. They kill some more police officers and enter the room where Jerome and Jimmy's bodies are. They notice something stir in the corner of the room, and confront it. It half-mature xenomorph leaps out at them and kills and a Predator, before disappearing down the corridor. The Predators then incinerate the two cadavers and leave the police station, proceeding to their ship. Meanwhile Jason Vorhees begins to hunt down impregnated humans and aliens, and begins a rampage that appears to just be senseless violence. Robert is called to the police station were the officers have been slain by the Predators, and calls the FBI with the information involving "extraterrestrial mother*****". The FBI immediately arrive in Salt Lake City led by Special Agent Victor Hansen. Meanwhile dozens of citizens are evacuated to the town hall, most of them unknowingly impregnated. Officer Robert is assigned to watch them, while Hansen investigates the area. Predators arrive at the town hall and proceed to kill the impregnated humans, but Robert tries to reason with them. Suddenly chestbusters erupt from the dozens of humans and the Predators attack. Taking his wife, who is not impregnated, Robert flees the town hall and rendezvous with Hansen and the rest of the FBI. Salt Lake City is now infested with aliens, predators, and of course Jason Vorhees. Meanwhile a bunch of teenagers are at the park drinking beer. They come across a lone Predator, and they comment on his nice Halloween outfit. The Predator moves to kill them, but one of the teenagers is stabbed through the chest by Jason. The others flee, and Jason decapitates the Predator. Leading the FBI into Salt Lake City, Hansen proceeds to rescue the trapped civilians, but is killed by an alien when it impales him with its tail. The Alien Queen then appears, and massacres the other agents. Robert and his wife manage to escape, and rendezvous with the other survivors. Jason arrives, but does not attack them. He writes a note that he is going to defend them from the aliens and predators to the death. The Predators arrive, and Jason reasons with them to unite against the Aliens. The Predators and Jason then proceed to attack the Aliens, and they ensue to slaughter dozens. They then confront the Queen, and Robert arrives foolishly with some others. Then he straps TNT to himself and tells the others to escape. The warehouse then explodes, and only Jason and one Predator survive the explosion. They are lying together when they are both ambushed by facehuggers. The Head of the FBI, Joseph Hinderman is talking on nation television: "My fellow Americans, these past few days we have seen genocidal aliens attack the human race. But with the sacrifice of one man, they have been destroyed. God bless America". Back at the warehouse, a chestburster erupts from Jason.....


Reviews ranged from poor to mixed, but the film did do reasonably at the box office, bringing in $500,0000 in opening week. It averaged 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the general consensus "whatever credibility the three titular characters ever had has been stripped away with this ridiculous, plotless, eager for money latest addition to a long since dead franchise".

New York Times was not as scolding with a 1/5 star review, and gave the film some praise: "Fans of the films from which these three iconic characters hail will no doubt enjoy this film. It's a guys film; big, brash, stupid and full of action. Jason's inclusion is not needed, and the two alien adversaries seem to be growing stale with each addition. MacNamara's direction is ambitious and shows promise, but falls short with a lack of plot, poor story, and hollow characters, along with over-the-top violence and swearing. Ultimately, Alien vs. Predator vs. Jason is an expecting let down; hollow, poorly done, and direction-less. It is time to put the AVP back in the chest and re-open it when proper directing and skill arrive. Its only positive is impressive action, and fans of the series will have fun here. As for everyone else, the film is another poor addition and disgraces the two monster's credibility, while dashing the long-since dead Jason's also".

Movies For Teens was conflicted on the film, giving it 2/5 stars and praising some elements while criticizing others: "Alien vs. Predator vs. Jason is every fan of the villains' wet dream. It offers nonsensical action, violence, and story, with massive explosions, decapitations, spine-removals, tail-impalings, machetes to the head and much more. Rob MacNamara tackles the franchise this time round, and overs some top of the shit pile horror direction, as stagnant and flimsy the genre is. The Aliens and Predators retain their classic looks, as does Jason played by the 2009 reboots Caleb Guss. Alien vs. Predator vs. Thing had direction, and was at least watchable and enjoyable at best. This film has its good parts; three iconic villains pitted against each other, violence, explosions, stupid humans dying, chestburtin', and its shit parts; poor direction, lack of depth, hollow characters, nonsensical events, and a general stink of crap. Overall the film has its moments, but is an ultimately lacking entry".

HorrorNet gave the film 2.5/5 stars, giving it a mixed review: "The first AvP film was decent, and the follow-up was too, though riddled with problems abundant. Now it seems the producers and et cetera are really desperate; including Jason just adds to the stupid fanboy nostalgia. The film is just violence, followed by poor dialogue, followed by violence, and thats about it. The gratuitous swearing and gore shows this film is desperate for attention; like a neglected baby. AvPvJ is another poorly executed destined for badness addition to the disgraced sci-fi horror icons' repartee".

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