Aliens Vs Predator: Exodus is the second installment in the Aliens VS Predator: The Genesis Trilogy trilogy of books, written by J.H. Richards. Exodus was released in 2008.


Aliens Vs Predator: Exodus takes place five years after the first book, and Mr. J. Weyland has once again begun his experiments on the colony of Dagarena. After being brought to court by the survivors, Weyland allegedly payed the jury and judge an immense amount of money, and was acquitted. At the beginning of Exodus, Weyland stands before the Council of Dagarena, the "main men" as he calls them charmingly. He pleads that the events on Farion II where the cause of sabotage, and that with their money he will be able the harness the greatest biochemical weapon ever, making humanity the ultimate race. He suggests that the Stranded, the low-lives on Dagarena, be used as "test subjects" in his project, and that they will yield good results. After pleading his case, the Council votes on allowing his project to go ahead, and with the majority, the leader of the Council, Edward Bishop decrees that Weyland's project may go ahead.

Weyland thanks the council, and heads to his laboratories on Dagarena, where he oversees the latest shipment of alien eggs from "an unnamed source". He signs for them, and just as he returns a group of Stranded arrive, much to his excitement. He ushers them into an open space with several medical beds, and asks them to lay down, and "rest". He then gases the chamber, assuring the people that "everything will be fine, just relax". The gas renders the Stranded unable to move, and as they awake a few hours later they notices tubes attached to their chests. One of them yells at Weyland through the glass, knowing what he has done. He breaks out of his bed and runs toward the glass, roaring at Weyland. Weyland laughs, and watches as the alien bursts from the man and splatters blood across the glass. The others are soon born, and Weyland turns to his assistant, and says: "Isn't it beautiful? The miracle of life". As this is happening a man informs Weyland that someone has come to see him. He leaves the labs and heads to his office, where an ageing woman is sitting. She introduces herself as Mrs. Yutani, and says that her and Weyland's "interests are much the same". She shows him a preserved facehugger in a container, and tells him her father had been working on similar activities as Weyland. Weyland seems overjoyed, and offers Yutani a large amount of money to absorb into his company.

However Mrs. Yutani says this will not happen, and instead suggests the two companies begin a joint relationship. Weyland signs, and suggests Mrs. Yutani remain on Dagarena and witness "something incredible". After Mrs. Yutani leaves, Weyland's son Richard enters his father's office and asks him for some credits. Weyland declines, saying that his son needs to get into the family business. When Richard asks what the family business is, Weyland changes the subject and turns his attention to Kiera Jones, the head of science, as she enters his office. She reports on the progress of the experiment. Weyland seems impressed, but when Kiera questions the ethical considerations, he grows angry, and banishes her from his office. Richard grows angry with his father, as he loves Kiera, and says that "that was not fair". Weyland laughs at his anger, and tells the boy to leave. Kiera heads to the hangar, where the mechanics Geare and Rodriguez are working on the broken down craft. Richard follows, and watches from afar. Geare and Rodriguez comment on the presence of the Yutani security on the planet, and say: "the fuckers better get lost or I'll plant a god'am bullet in their face". Kiera says goodbye to Geare and Rodriguez and heads back to the science department, bumping into Richard. He apologizes nervously, but Kiera brushes it off. As she heads to the science department, the sun begins to set on Dagarena, and the sector suffers a sudden power failure. Kiera finds a flashlight in her office, and heads into the labs. She calls out for her staff, and when no one replies, she investigates. She walks into a bloodbath, witnessing the dead scientists surrounded by blood. She screams, and is thrown back by Martin, another scientist. He tells her to shut up, and slowly they exit the labs. As she looks back, Kiera sees the aliens scuttle across the walls inside the lab. Kiera and Martin rush to Weyland's office and report the situation. Weyland, realizing his plan has gone wrong again, tells them to get Councillor Edward Bishop and begin the evacuation of the colony.

When they are gone Weyland begins to back up his things when Richard walks in. He tells him to go to the Weyland ship and bring his belongings. When Richard questions why they are leaving Dagarena, Weyland replies "everything's gone against us, son. It's time we left Dagarena". Meanwhile Martin and Kiera confront the Council with the news, before the escaped aliens infiltrate the council chambers and begin to wreak havoc. They try to save Bishop, but he is impaled by an alien's tail and dragged away. Trapped, Kiera and Martin are rescued by Geare and Rodriguez who burst in with are barrage of guns, decimating the aliens. They all seem relieved, but realize that there are many more aliens across the colony. They head towards the hangar area of the colony as the aliens begin to sprawl across Dagarena, just as the Predators lead by Raven arrive. They save the humans from being killed by a powerful Praetorian alien as their ship lands, and head in the opposite direction, where the alien infestation is at its worst. They try to continue on, but en route Martin is taken by the aliens, and supposedly cocooned. The others decide to head into the hive below the colony to rescue him. As they make their way down they are found by Jacques, another scientist, and Garland Beckart, the head of the marines on Dagarena. The group make their way into the hive and find Martin cocooned, and are suddenly ambushed by aliens. They manage to free Martin, and Jacques sacrifices himself for them to escape, being dragged into the hive by the aliens. The group continue towards the hangar, and bump into Richard Weyland. When Beckart asks where his father is, Richard seems to have no idea. He manages to use his DNA recognition to hack into Dagarena's security system and bring the turrets online. When activated they clear the group's path, and continue towards the hangar area. As they make their way Martin stops the group and asks them for help. Kiera realizes what is happening and says sorry to Martin, who replies: "just do it before it comes". She obliges and shoots Martin, just as the chestburster emerges, and dies. The group take his body to the nearby crematorium, where they give him a rightful funeral. Then they continue to make their way to the hangar. When they arrive they see Weyland and the Yutani hiding there. Beckart rushes forward and strikes Weyland, calling him a "son of a bitch".

Richard holds him back, and demands an explanation from his father. When Weyland refuses to give him one, Richard seems to loose all respect for his father. Suddenly the Predators infiltrate the hangar and Mrs. Yutani and her convey quickly slip away. Raven, who wears Raider from book one's wristblade, scans the humans, and his memory bank recognizes Weyland, and the pledge his species had made. He aims his shoulder cannon at Weyland, who pleads for mercy, just before the side wall is torn open by the giant alien queen. Raven has no choice but to flee with the humans and his warriors as the queen begins to wreak havoc. As the escape Weyland tries to follow, but Raven seals the door. Weyland looks at his son for help, before the queen charges forward and impales him through the chest, lifting him up into the air and devouring him. This is very similar to Bishop's "death" in Aliens. Richard shows some sign of sorrow, but then orders Raven to avenge his father. The Predator hisses at him, but nonetheless re-enters the hangar and does battle with the queen, eventually destroying her. Raven and the other Predators then leave Dagarena, and the surviving humans flee on board Weyland's ship.

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