Aliens Vs Predator: Project Genesis is the first installment in the Aliens VS Predator: The Genesis Trilogy trilogy of books, written by J.H Richards. Project Genesis was released in 2007.


The trilogy opens with Mr. J. Weyland, the unanmed head of the Weyland corporation, reviewing a xenomorph specimen in one of laboratories. The trilogy takes place sometime in before the films, as the head of the Weyland corporation does not share the appearance of that in the films, and Weyland has yet to amalgamate with Yutani, until Aliens Vs Predator: Exodus. Mr. Weyland comments that the xenomorph is progressing well with his experiments, and instructs his scientists to harvest more from the civilians on Farion II, inhabited by Weyland and a colony of humans, by tricking them to volunteer for "new medical treatments". Meanwhile, Weyland's excavation team have discovered an ancient temple on Farion II, unwillingly setting off a Predator beacon. Within the ruins are more eggs, much to Weyland's happiness. He orders the team to take the eggs back to colony for more experiments, but when the team attempts this they are ambushed by facehuggers and supposedly implanted. When Weyland does not hear responses from the team, he sends out a marine squadron to the ruins to find the team. Meanwhile Colonel Richard Mendez, head of the marine corps on Farion II, begins to grow suspicious of Weyland's secret activities, and tries to investigate, much to Weyland's anger.

As the marines arrive at the ruins, they are attacked by the aliens gestated from the team, and only one survives, Joseph, who flees back to the colony. He pleads to Mendez to get the colonists off Farion II, but Weyland convinces Mendez that Joseph "was driven insane by what he saw", and he is put away in the medical bay, labelled as insane. Joseph, now despising off Weyland, escapes the medical bay and goes onto the planet's surface, disabling the western colony's systems, causing a power failure. The aliens at the ruins notice this, and begin to head towards the colony. Joseph heads back to the northern colony with a gun in his hand, planning on killing Weyland, but is killed by the aliens as they arrive. Meanwhile the four aliens from the labs begin to run amok, but only one, subject 7, escapes, as the others are shot by Mendez' men. Dr. Kane, the head of the experiments, manages to escape with a few of the other scientists, but is pursued by subject 7. The scientists are hunted off one by one by 7, until Kane arrives at the northern colony and seeks refuge with the others.

Mendez devises a plan to destroy the xenomorphs by blowing up the western colony, but Kane objects saying there are still hundreds of colonists there. Meanwhile Weyland and his representatives head towards his ship to escape Farion II, realising his operation on the planet has gone to hell. Back in the western colony, it has been transformed into the alien hive, as they cocoon the colonists and implant them with more embryos. The queen, who lay dormant in the Predator ruins, arrives, and begins laying more eggs. Meanwhile, a Predator squad arrive on Farion II, and investigate the ruins, where they find the dead marines and excavation team. They follow the xenomorph scent to the colony, and break into the western colony, and begin destroying the aliens. Their leader, Raider, taps into the human comms link and informs Mendez and the survivors that if they do not leave they will be destroyed with the aliens. Arriving at his ship, Weyland realizes the power grids he needs are back at the colony, and cannot return as aliens begin to swarm towards the hangar. Realizing he will gather all his representatives' shares if they are dead, Weyland flees into an escape pod, and hides as the aliens break into the hangar. The representatives plead more Weyland to help them, but he watches mercilessly as they are massacred.

Mendez and Kane soon devise a plan to escape the colony, and lead the survivors towards the hangar where Weyland went. Meanwhile Raider confronts the Alien queen and kills her with the colony's gas system, ordering his squad to exterminate all surviving xenomorphs, and heads to the northern colony. He is attacked by an alien as he makes his way to the colony, and is wounded, but still manages to make his way to the hangar, as Mendez and the others also arrive. Mendez tries to shoot Raider, but Kane stops him, sensing the Predator is here to help. Noticing Weyland in the escape pod, Raider rips open the door and grabs Weyland by the throat. Kane pleads for the Predator to show him mercy, and Raider concedes, marking Weyland so that if he ever encounters the Predators again, he will die. Raider approaches the survivors, and shows his respect for their resilience. Noticing the broken ship, he uses his wristblade to power the ship, and ushers the survivors onto it, as his squad rendezvous in the hangar. Weyland flees aboard the ship, where he is beaten up severely by Mendez.


Mr. Weyland

Mr. J. Weyland is the head of the Weyland company, later Weyland-Yutani in book two. He is obsessed with using the xenomorphs as weapons, and will do anything to ensure his operation goes to its end. It is not specified which Weyland he his, but his file lists his first name as John. After escaping Farion II in Aliens Vs Predator: Project Genesis, he is beaten severely by Mendez, the head of the corps on Farion II. Surviving this, Weyland spent the last five years in between book 1 and 2 restoring his corporation, and relocating to Dagarena. Here he is visited by Mrs. Elizabeth Yutani, and it is here that the companies meld. When chaos ensues once more on Weyland's behalf, he attempts to flee Dagarena, and avoid a massive lawsuit in the process. The Predators, who pledged in book 1 if they ever say Weyland again he'd die, kept their promise, and their leader Raven sealed Weyland in the hive, where he was impaled by the queen and subsequently devoured. His son Richard Weyland takes over the company, and is head of it in book three, set ten years after book two. He says "my father's death was inevitable, he left to many errors in his wake. I mourn his death, but I don't linger on it. The young boy in chapter 1, who Weyland simply refers to as "boy" or "child", is most likely Richard Weyland as a child.

Dr. Alexander Kane

Dr. Alexander Kane is the head of research on Farion II, and believes Weyland's experiments are unethical and inhumane. However, not willing to loose or his job or his life, Kane begrudgingly carries out Weyland's wishes. In chapter two he tells another scientist: "What we're doing is wrong. It's nature corrupted. Weyland is mad. I just know this will end badly". In the ensuing chaos Dr. Kane flees the labs from the escaped lab bred xenomorphs, and en route to the northern colony majority of them are killed by subject 7. Kane rendezvous with Colonel Richard Mendez and the other survivors, who set about trying to get to the hangar, where Weyland has fled with his representatives, who he lets be slaughtetred by the aliens from the ruins. Kane survives the incident, and pleads with the Predators to spare Weyland, although he ultimately hates the man. The Predators concede and let the survivors escape Farion II. On board the ship Mendez beats Weyland up for his actions, much to Kane's dismay. Kane is mentioned in the second book in having testified against Weyland in court alongside Mendez. By bribing the court Weyland ultimately won, and "has Kane taken care of". Seeing as Kane is not the head of science on Dagarena in book two, it is assumed Weyland had him killed.

Colonel Richard Mendez

Colonel Richard Mendez is the head of the marine corps on Farion II. He carries out Mr. Weyland's orders, but ultimately despises him. When all hell breaks loose he blames Weyland, and manages to survive the havoc. When the survivors arrive at the hangar, the Predators are about to kill Weyland. Mendez ushers them on, but Kane pleads with them and ultimately saves Weyland's life. Mendez is disgusted by Kane's decision, but gets his vengeance by beating Weyland up on board the ship. Mendez is mentioned in the second book in having testified against Weyland in court alongside Kane. By bribing the court Weyland ultimately won, and Mendez supposedly was assigned to a different colony afterwards.


Joseph is the sole survivor of the attack on the marines at the Predator ruins, and when he returns Weyland blames him in being insane. Joseph ultimately causes the entire destruction by switching off the power grid. He laughs as the power fails, and says: "seeya in hell, Weyland!", before being slaughtered by an alien from the ruins.


Everton is the head of Weyland's excavation team, and leads them to ruins where they discover more alien eggs. Weyland orders them too bring the eggs back, but Everton and his team are ambushed by the facehuggers and cocooned. When the marines arrive at the ruins, they see Everton and his team cocooned to the walls. The captain, Casta, approaches the weary Everton and asks him what happens. Everton opens his mouth to reply, just as an alien burst out from him. Everton is seen at the beginning of the book talking to Weyland. Weyland calls him James, which means that is his first name. After he learns of the teams death, he says: "Everton was always careless. Poor bastard. Harrison, you're promoted", addressing another excavation worker.


Charles appears to be Mr. Weyland's most trusted and highest paid representative. He is always at Weyland's side, and abides by his every word. However, Weyland leaves Charles along with the other constituents to be devoured by the aliens, thus garnering him their shares and millions in return.


Casta is the captain of marine corps on Farion II, and leads the squad in the investigation of the ruins. His team are ambushed by newly born aliens, and massacred. Casta tries to run, but is dragged back by the aliens.


Raider is the leader of the Predators in the first book. He, along with Raven in book two and Wraith in book three, are part of the Warrior Triumvirate, an elite trio of Predators that are among the finest and strongest of their warriors. Raider is supposedly killed in between book 1 and 2, as Raven is carrying his wristblade also.

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