Aliens vs. Predator vs. Thing or AVPVT is the third film in the AVP series. It stars both of the original alien races and adds the Thing type alien seen in John Carpenter's The Thing.



  • Alex Asimov: Alex Asimov is a captain in the marines that commands a platoon. He is the captain of the ship known as the Dawn Star. When its sister ship the Dusk Star goes missing Alex and his team are sent to investigate what happened.
  • Will Chrichton: Will Chrichton is a member of Alex Asimov's marine team aboard the Dawn Star. He is a new recruit, and the son of Steven Chrichton, the wealthy vice president of Weyland-Yutani Industries.
  • Jack Lucas: Jack is the hothead showoff on Alex Asimov's team. He is the team's weapon specialist.
  • Mikhail Wells: Mikhail is a member of Alex Asimov's team. Mikhail is a devout Catholic and tries to make sure that his team does things morally. He is the team's communications officer and serves as their chaplain.
  • Joe Bradbury: Joe is Alex Asimov's second in command.
  • Marcus Verne: Marcus is the head of the U.S. marines and is an old friend of Captains Alex Asimov and Nick Carpenter.
  • Robert Cameron: The medic of Alex's team.
  • Clint Campbell: The African American pilot of the Dawn Star, and was a trainee with Alex Asimov and Nick Carpenter.


With the help of predator technology found by the company at the end of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem the technology was found to create interplanetary spaceships. Two ships are called the Dawn Star and the Dusk star.

When the two ships are set to go for their trial run the Dawn Star had to be stopped for repairs. When the company loses contact with the Dusk Star the Dawn Star is sent to find it.

They eventually do find it, but are unknowingly followed by Predator hunters. On the ship the marines are attacked by the Predators and a mysterious red creature. The team leader Alex Asimov, the captain of the Dawn Star, looks for the captain of the Dusk star named Nick Carpenter who is his best friend. Alex checks the computer and finds out that the ship was transporting a strange alien creature from Earth to take it to a space station for study. The creature was thought to be connected to a massacre of men in the Antarctic. And in the security footage he sees the red creature killing crew members. While rallying the team to escape he finds Nick's dead body and feels great sorrow as the team escapes. Alex tells the team that they are heading straight back for Earth.

While heading back Alex's second in command Joe Bradbury acts very strange. The predators continue to pursue them and after a space battle the Dawn Star crashes onto a strange planet inhabited by Xenomorphs.


Alex Asimov

Captain Alex Asimov is returning home from a mission with his team. He is greeted by his old friend Marcus Verne. They are very happy to see each other and Marcus takes Alex out for a drink.

While drinking Alex and Marcus talk about how the mission went, to which Alex says, "It was like clockwork." "That's good to hear," Marcus replies and they finish their drinks.

Alex returns to his home and is greeted by his wife Emily and son Billy. He gets down to his knees and embraces his son as he walks towards the door and then gets up and kisses his wife.

At the communications tower in Space Marine headquarters. It is a distress signal from the ship the Dusk Star.

A Friend in Need

The next day Marcus calls Alex in, to which Alex says that he was promised a vacation, but Marcus convinces him to come by saying that, "An old friend needs help."

Alex arrives at the base and is briefed by Marcus about a distress message sent by their old friend Nick Carpenter, the captain of the ship the Dusk Star, the sister ship of Alex's ship the Dawn Star. Marcus has the message played for Alex. It is very blurry.

"This is Captain Nick Carpenter of the Dusk Star.  We are calling an S.O.S.  Strange cargo .... attack!  We...assistance!"

Then the message stops. "What the Hell could be happening," Alex says with great shock in his voice. "Apparently something about strange cargo," Marcus says, "I know little about it, but the Dusk Star was transporting something for Weyland-Yutani to one of their labs. Apparently whatever the cargo was, was very valuable. I think they were attacked by somebody for it. Anyway we have tracked where the ship with its homing beacon. It is just floating there. We don't know what to expect so we want professionals sent there in case things were to get ugly. Your team is one of the best and can handle virtually any situation," Marcus says, "You and your team will be going tomorrow to see if there are any survivors." Alex accepts the mission.

A Promise

"What," Emily says as Alex is packing his things. "My friend is up there and needs help," Alex says. "But you've just gotten home," Emily says, "And this mission sounds more dangerous than any other you've ever done before!" "I know," Alex replies turning to Emily, "But it is my duty. To fight to help people." "I know," Emily says beginning to cry she then grabs Alex, "I just am worried about you." "I know," Alex says holding his wife in his arms.

That night Alex visits Billy in his room. "So you're going again," Billy says. "Yes," Alex replies. "When will you get back," Billy asks. "This mission should be much quicker," Alex answers with tears beginning to from in his eyes, but I will come back." "You promise," Billy asks. Alex nods his head saying, "I promise," and then Alex hugs his son.

The New Guy

Alex arrives at the base early the next morning. There he meets the other members of his team: his second in command Joe Bradbury, weapon specialist Jack Lucas, communications officer Mikhail Wells, medic Dr. Robert Cameron, pilot Clint Campbell, and several other soldiers including a new recruit named Will Chrichton. "Who's this," Alex asks Mikhail. "It's a new recruit," Mikhail answers, "Will Chrichton." A look of surprise crosses Alex's face. "Yes Alex," Mikhail says, "The son of Steven Chrichton, Weyland-Yutani's vice president." Alex approaches Will and says to him, "So this is your first mission." "Yes," Will replies. "Well since you're part of the team, do you know who everybody is," Alex asks. "Yes," WIll says, "Everybody gave me their introductions before you arrived." "Good," Alex says nodding his head as Marcus walks towards them with his aids. "Well now that you're all here and briefed just put everything you need into the ship and then head out," Marcus says.

Space Trip

After putting everything they need onto the ship they leave. It is a quiet flight with nothing interesting happening. The whole way there Alex thinks about his training days with Nick, and hoping that Nick would still be alive.

They eventually find the Dusk Star. They put the crossing tunnel up and a group leaves. Mikhail is left to watch the ship while they go in heavily armed, and prepared for anything.

A Yautja ship is returning home from a training exercise and sees the two ships connected and with their scanners find out that the Space Marines are entering the ship. Thinking it would be an interesting a hunt the group of four Yautjas stealthily enter the ship.

The Dusk Star

Inside of the ship they walk into the large main entry way. Alex turns to his team and says, "We'll split up into three groups. I'll lead one, and then Joe and Jack will lead the two others." Alex then points down the hallway in front, "Joe, you'll lead your men that way. I'll go to the left and Jack to the right." "All right," Joe replies. Jack then nods his head to confirm his orders. "All right," Alex says, "Let's get to it. Bring back any survivors you can find." Joe and Jack confirm that they know so and the three groups then split up.

Joe's group enters a large mess hall area filled with many circular tables. Joe's men fan out and find bodies in several places. "It was a massacre," Joe says, "But what was it?"


  • Most of the characters are named after somebody famous, most a science fiction writer.

-Alex Asimov was named after the author Isaac Asimov, the author of stories like I,Robot.

-Will Chrichton was named after Michael Chrichton, author of books like Timeline and Jurassic Park.

-Jack Lucas was named after George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars.

-Mikhail Wells was named after H.G. Wells, the author of The Time Machine.

-Joe Bradbury was named after Ray Bradbury.

-Marcus Verne was named after Jules Verne.

-Nick Carpenter was named after John Carpenter, the director of The Thing.

-Robert Cameron was named after James Cameron, the creator of Terminator and the director of Aliens.

-Clint Campbell was named after John W. Campbell, the author of Who Goes There?, the inspiration for The Thing.

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