This article is going to be all about pets. I have kind of pets a lot of animals at home. I have three dogs named Patzee,Ty and Tony. I also have two cats named Tara and Diva, hedgehog named Jade and couple of birds at home and i also have some hamsters at my house. I love them all. They are all good pets. I are the best pets i ever had in my whole live time. They are so cute and very nice pets to have at home with me and mom. I always wanted pets in my house for a very long time now. I asked my mom for pets and she said yes we can have pets at home. I also got a new dog named Tony the man he is the best dog ever and the cute dog ever. I won't ever give him away at all. If my mom did i will be very mad and upset at her for ever and ever. My boyfriend Chris will be very upset to and heart broken too. Chris really miss and loves Tony the man a lot, and i also love Tony the man a lot too. Tony is the best for me and Chris. We mit move out togther in the future togther and Tony the man is coming with us too. He will not be gone.

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