All the Spades is a 1989 American Comedy Drama Romance film written by George Axlerof the infamous screenwriter behind the original 1962 Manchurian Candidate and 1961 romance classic Breakfast at Tiffany's and directed by Cameron Crowe whom in the same year shot and wrote the classic teen film Say Anything which went on to feature one of the most famous romantic film scenes in history

The film itself features a famous sequence in which actress Audie England suffers a brutal execution involving an in motion trailer.

Another scene as where actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is chained in place ready to be torn apart later served as inspiration for a famous television show she would appear in's episode titled Bargaining Part One of the sixth season of the show.

All the Spades stars River Phoenix, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gabriel Macht, Jude Law, Katie Finneran, Audie England, Taye Diggs, James Faulkner, James Ellroy, Vincent Schiavelli, Marc Singer and Elisabeth Sladen.

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