Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny become fast friends the moment they meet. Harry/Ginny

Chapter OneEdit

Harry Potter watched on as the red head family rambled on about Muggles and Hogwarts. "Excuse me", Harry asked, although the mother of the family didn't hear him.

"Yes", piped up the smallest child. She was a female, with bright red hair and freckles. She looked pretty. "Where is Platform Nine and Three Quaters", he asked.

"Oh, you just go through the barrier over there. Don't worry, you won't crash", she noticed the horrified look on Harry's face.

"Thanks", Harry said, and he ran through the barrier after making sure the muggle's didn't see. Harry closed his eyes, and opened them.

He was at Platform Nine and Three Quarters. He was going to thank the girl. The girl came in shortly after him. "Thank you, what is your name", he asked.

"Ginny Weasley", she said. "I'm Harry Potter", Harry said, and Ginny almost fainted. She blushed. "Um eh", she was distracted.

"Can i write to you, Ginny", Harry asked, hoping she would move on from her crush. Ginny nodded. "Good, i will write one for you tomorrow", Harry said.

"Promise", she asked. "Promise".

Harry got on the train, and Ginny's twin brothers helped him get his trunk.

"Are you-"

"The one and only-"



"Potter", both said.

Harry thought he was going to die from embarrisment and nodded. The twins grinned.


"Gin Gin"



"Her bedtime"

"Story Hero", both finished together. Both happily skipped down and Harry sat down.

He overheard the twins tell their mother about him. Their mother told Fred and George to not ask him if he knew what Voldermort looked like.

The train started to move, and Ginny was chasing the train, half crying and half laughing. The door opened, and Ginny's other brother opened the door.

"Can i sit here, everywhere else if full", he asked. Harry nodded.

"Are you realy Harry Potter", Ron asked. Harry had had enough. He got up, not caring to reply, and walked out.

He bumped into an shy nervous boy. "Sorry, have you seen my toad", he mumbled. "No, but i will help you look for it", Harry said.

Harry and the boy named Neville searched for the toad, and Harry found it. He held onto it, and told Nevile he would hold onto it for the rest of the trip.

Harry followed Neville to his compartment. They saw an bushy haired girl reading a book. "Hello", she said, not looking up from the book. "Hello".

The girl looked up. "I'm so sorry Nevile. I couldn't find the toad, and who are you", she asked. "Harry Potter", Harry mumbled.

"Are you realy i re-", she was cut off by Harry. "Please, don't ask questions and the like. I just want to become friends with you, not you becoming friends with the Boy-Who-Lived".

"Y-yyouu want to bee myy frieend", she said nervously. It looked as if she didn't have any friends. "Sure, and why not Neville as well".

Soon, Harry and Hermione had an close relationship, like brotherly and sisterly. Same with Nevile. Harry found out Neville was a shy person who needed more confidence, and Hermione was a bookworm who could become bossy sometimes.

"Right, no matter what house we get sorted in. Friends forever", Harry asked. "Friends forever", Hermione and Neville said in unison.

Soon enough, the train stopped and the first years followed Hagrid out on the boats. Harry, Hermione and Nevile shared on with Hannah Abbot.

Everyone was in awe as they saw the castle, and Harry thought some of them were drooling. Hagrid then told everyone to get off the boats.

Professor McGonagall lectured them about the four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytheren. The only house Harry did not want to be in was Slytheren.

Soon, it turned out the sorting was a sorting hat. Harry noticed Ron was giving him glares and dirty looks all because Harry didn't want to befriend him.

"Abbot, Hannah", was sorted into Hufflepuff.

The first out of the trio was Hermione. She ran up to the hat and put it on. One minute later, and "RAVENCLAW".

Nevile was second out of the trio, and ran up to the hat. Moments later, "GRYFFINDOR", and Nevile ran up to the table, hat still on. He blushed and ran back and put the hat to McGonagall.

Harry ignored the whispering and the staring and put the hat on.

My, My. It seems you have all the traits. Such as being Loyal, Smart, Ambitious and being Brave. This is the first time i'm going to say this, pick your house.

Since Hermione is in Rowena's House, and Neville is in Godric's, i want to be in Helga's.

Very well, HUFFLEPUFF.

The hufflepuff table went nuts, and bursted into applause. Harry walked to the table, and sat across from Hannah and next to Susan Bones.

Hermione looked pleased, but unhappy Harry or Neville wasn't in her house. Nevile was the same. Ron Weasley was sorted into Slytheren.

After the feast, Harry was led by the Prefects to Hufflepuff Common Room. It was near the Kitchens, and the portrait was of a young woman holding a baby.

"Password", she asked. The prefect, Sarah Jones, said "Helga's Cup", and the portrait opened.

The Dormitry was bright Yellow, with comfy couches, tables, portraits of other people, and it seemed there was a table full of cups and tropheys.

Harry found out his roommates were Ernie MacMillian, Justin Flinch-Flethcy, Wayne Hopkins and Frank Jones. Frank was the little brother of Sarah.

Harry decided to write to Ginny right there and then.

Dear Ginny

I was sorted into Hufflepuff. Your brothers seem alright, except from Ron. He was sorted into Slytheren, but he got on my nerves during the train. I have two other friends. Hermione Granger, Muggleborn, was sorted into Ravenclaw while Neville Longbottom, my other friend, was sorted into Gryffindor.

I know this sounds strange, but i miss you, because you are like the first real friend i had. (Excluding Hedwig and Hagrid) Anyway, can't wait until next year for you to be there.

From Harry

P.S What house do you want to be in

Chapter TwoEdit

Next time. Harry, Neville and Hermione get used to classes. They are tricked by Draco Malfoy and his goons to meet them in midnight, which leads to an terrifying encounter. Meanwhile, Ginny sees the letter and replys.

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