Alternate People is an Novel that features the Friends Characters.Joey and Chandler are vampires and think of Monica and Rachel as soul mates.Phoebe thinks they are vampires and is trained to be an gypsy,But can she and Ross stop Joey and Chandler.


Chandler is in his bedroom while Monica is cooking the dinner.He enters the kitchen and puts sleeping pils inside Monica's glass of wine.When she falls asleap two hours later,He takes her to the bedroom and sucks a tip of her blood.The next half of the year,She will become his soul mate during the full moon.

Meanwhile,Ross and Rachel discuss if they should date each other so Emma will not be affected.Rachel says yes and the two kiss.They tell the others,And Joey storms off.Chandler asks why did he do that and Joey says he was looking for Rachel to be his soul mate.

The next day,Phoebe is at central perk and says goodbye to Frank Jr. and his kids.She picks up an anicent book and an old woman comes over to her.She reveals she is Penelope and is an gypsy.Phoebe get the book and is trained to be an gypsy.When Chandler and Joey see the book,It is revealed that the book's copys were all destroyed but Joey's father and Chandler's mother.

Ross reveals to them that he has delivered pictures of some of the bloody wars in the past to the museaum.Chandler and Joey burst in the night and destroy the evidence that they took part in the war,But forget one picture.

Phoebe and Ross then are jinxed by Joey in an tempt to get Rachel.Phoebe and Ross nearly sleep together and Rachel finds them and breaks up with Ross.Meanwhile,Penelope is discovered by Chandler and Joey and the two accidently kill her.They smash up the store and take all the money to make it look like an break in.

Jack dies of heart attack and Chandler is happy that he did not have to kill him.He then kills Judy and makes it look like an car crash.Ross then gives Phoebe the picture of Chandler and Joey in the war.

Phoebe convinces Ross to believe her and they decide they discover Chandler and Joey as vampires.When Chandler is about to bite Monica in the full moon,Phobe bursts in and finds this.Chandler strangles Phoebe,But Ross manages to tackle Chandler.Monica wakes up and spins her head around.To their horror,Monica is an vampire.

Joey enters and strangles Ross while Phoebe is trying unposses Monica.Joey is about to kill Ross when Rachel enters.Chandler flies towards her and pushes her into the wall.Joey,Over Rachel,Kills off Ross and Rachel is heartbroken.

Phoebe runs and manages to knock out Joey.Chandler trys to kill her while Monica comes through.Rachel thinks Monica is a human and tells her that Ross is dead.Monica pushes Rachel down and proceeds to strangle her.

Phoebe hits Chandler in the head and pushes Monica away from Rachel.It is then revealed that Phoebe is the reincarnation of Rehina Keys,An woman who had nearly wiped out the vampire race.

Chandler and Joey free Monica and they chase after Phoebe and Rachel.Rachel falls down the stairs and Joey is about to kill her.However,Ross is still alive and starts shooting at him.The two share an hug.Chandler and Monica chase Phoebe up to the roof.Phobe convinces Monica that living forever is not worth it.Monica is convinced and she and Chandler fight.The two fall to their death and Phobe cries as her best friend is now dead.

Phoebe finds out Joey is dead.The three decide that they must lead an new life.Phoebe gos as Rehina,Ross and Rachel are Brian and Stella and their daughter Emma is now Monica.Rehina then stares at the ocean and is showen to be crying over Monica's death.


The Daily sun had said that the novel was terrible and was made only for money and gave it 1 out of 5 stars.The daily record,However,Had said it was an masterpeice and that an sequal should be made about how the three come across other vampires.


The sequals to the novel of Alternate People

Alternate People Death At Beach The three find out that Chandler and Joey faked their deaths.

Alternate People New Sun During the Palace of Death,Phoebe is to give her own life to make an new sun that will destroy the vampire race.

Alternate People Forest of the Dead Ross and Rachel struggle of the upcoming Vampires and Werewolves.Phoebe learns how to really destroy the race.

Alternate People The End of The Cobra Ross finds himself pannicking when Rachel is taken by an cobra which was believed to be an vampire myth.Phoebe figures this is her chance to destroy the vampires.

Alternate People The Return Of The Vampires Ross manages to get Phoebe back in the world,Which causes the whole world to be overrun by Vampires.Can Phoebe really end the vampires.

Alternate People The Phoebe Ending Phoebe,Ross and Monica are left in underground with the other survivors.Will they see the light of day again

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