Alternate People New Sun is the sequal to Alternate People and Alternate People Death At Beach.It follows the struggle of the vampire war and now werewolves.


Phoebe asks Ross and Rachel if she should give her own life.They say she doesn't have to.In an rage,Phoebe grabs an butcher knife and destroys Joey and Chandler's diarys,Killing them.However,They wake up and say they are reborn and that Frankie was working with them all along.

Frankie wakes up and smiles evily,Knowing her plan had worked.She then contacts Stacey,Who warns Frankie that the werewolves are coming.Meanwhile,Ross and Rachel then are chased by Chandler and he captures Ross,Planning on killing him.Rachel seduces Chandler and she proceeds to have sex with him,But then grabs an rock and smashes his head in.Ross and Rachel run to the car,As Phoebe gives her own life to save them.

Phoebe,However,Injures Joey and is chased by Frankie.Meanwhile,A few other vampires attack Ross and Rachel,But a couple of werewolves then kill them.They grow back and the leader of that bunch,Noel,Tells them that an war is approaching between the vampires and Werewolves.

Phoebe traps Stacey and then gets help from werewolve Penelope.Penelope tells Phoebe that to start the sun,Is going to the Palace of Death.Meanwhile,An group of vampies attack the werewolves and Ross and Rachel are in the middle of the war.

Phoebe arrives and she has to speak the vampire's first launguage and she does,As Rehina had learned.She and Penelope enter the chamber and find the torch of what is left of the new sun.Phoebe puts her hand right into it but does not feel anything.

However,An earthquake begins and an new sun arrives out from the ground,Which nearly kills Ross and Rachel while the soldiers in the small war are killed.Phoebe then learns this is the only thing that makes the vampires more stronger.Chandler and Joey then are seen floating up into the air.While all this is happening,Monica is seen waking up and is going to be buired the next day.She manages to escape,But this is then revealed she is half human-quarter of an vampire and another of an werewolve.