Alternate People The End of The Cobra continues the Alternate People series.The trio manage to get to the chamber but Rachel is taken while Monica surprise turns into an fight for survival.


Monica tells Janice and Gunther what happened to her and asks where is her friends.Gunther says that they went to France after Monica's apartent death.Monica then reveals she has got an twist time,An watch that takes her back to the past.

Meanwhile,The trio decide to leave Noel alone but he won't let it,And takes Rachel hostage,Saying if they try and play hero he will kill her.However,Vampires appear and they kill Noel.Ross takes Rachel's hand and Phoebe leads them where the map is that will take them to the chamber of the Cobra.

Meanwhille,Monica,Gunther and Janice go back in time to see where Rachel and the others would have went.They follow Rachel and Ross in the forest of the dead and find themselve in the battle.However,Janice reveals that she can shift form and she dives in when Ross is about to be hit,She just tells Ross that she was looking for an soulmate and dies.

Monica and Gunther them follow them and Monica decides to go into the future.Meanwhile,Ross falls into an trap and vampires surrouned them.In the trap,Ross finds an map and finds out that the map is in Marple street.

Monica finds them surrouned by vampires and grabs an machine gun and starts shooting at them.Phoebe pushes Rachel so she can not get hit and dives for the nearby sword.She then kills the vampire.The sword had magical powers that only an god can use,And Phoebe thinks she is an god.

Monica reveals who she is and the others are in shock.Then,Joey appears and he jumps onto Gunther and kills him.Phoebe kills Joey off.While this is happening,Chandler is seen screaming into thin air as his blood brother is killed.

Monica tells them what she really is and they are all in shock.She asks why are they like that and Phoebe instantly kills her.When they run away to Marple street,Ross finds the twist time.He looks at his sister and then runs off.

They get to the chamber and they manage to open in using Phoebe's Launguage she has suddenly got.When they are about to slide under the tunnel,An giant Cobra comes up and befour Phoebe can kill it,It takes Rachel along with it.

Chandler then smashes in and strangles Phoebe.Unable to help her,Ross witnesses Phoebe's murder and uses the twist turner.He is too late for helping Rachel,But he manages to prevent Chandler coming in.Meanwhile,Real Ross and Phoebe slide down to go an get Rachel.Ross decides to follow them.

Ross and Phoebe enter the chamber.They hear Rachel's screams and they run after it.Phoebe thinks someone is following them and turns around,But no one is there.Meanwhile,Copy Ross is getting strangled by Chandler when he slides down.

Phoebe then finds all of the Cobra's eggs and she starts destroying them all.Rachel wakes up and sees Ross.They are underwater as the Cobra put them there.Ross rescues Rachel but the Cobra chases them back up.

When they get up from the water,They run and the Cobra eats half of the passage way,Leaving Phoebe.Phoebe screams at the Cobra,And it turns around.When it dives to her,Phoebe jumps on it and is about to kill it until she sees the vanishing light.She quickly kills,Which prevents her getting killed.

Befour this happens,When Ross and Rachel are running,They find Ross's body.They are confused,Until Chandler comes and strangles Ross.Rachel is in horror and crawls away.Ross plays dead and Chandler throws him away.He go's after Rachel and is about to stab her but Phoebe kills The Cobra and Chandler falls down,dead.All of vampires are seen dropping down dead.The whole world watches on as more and more vampires die.

Ross and Rachel then get married and then Ross looks at the Twist Time.He prevents Monica getting killed in the first place and Monica then appears.However,In Ross's horror,He has got rid of Phoebe,Who had died to save Monica from coming Cobra food.9 months later,And Rachel is having her second child and names it Phoebe Rehina Geller Green,After the great Phoebe.