Alternate People The Return of the Vampires is the second last novel in the Alternate People.Ross trys to get Phoebe back,But this results the vampires taking over the world.


Ross is seen kissing Rachel and they have sex.The next day,Ross looks at an picture of Phoebe,And decides to use the twist turner to get her back.He saves her,But to his horror,She killed the cobra but the vampires are not dying.Ross quickly goes back to the future,And to his horror,He sees him and the gang in a house with two more people.They are Nick and Sally.Ross relises he has caused the vampires to come back,And baby Phoebe was never born.

Ross asks Rachel where is Emma,And she starts crying.Phoebe tells Ross that Emma was killed by Joey.Meanwhile,Joey and Chandler are seen attacking and trying to kill an woman.She runs naked outside the house,But an female vampire kills her.

Then,An vampire smashes in and kills Nick.They all run out by the back door,But Sally is grabbed back in.They start running to the farm house,Looking behind.Ross accidently drops the time turner,And Chandler finds it.

When they are back in the house and Nick is killed,They try to run out the back again.However,Chandler grabs Monica who was the first out and kills her.They all try to run out,But Ross is stabbed in the back.Rachel and Phoebe try to get upstairs,But Joey drags an screaming Rachel into the darkness.Phoebe trys to get up the attic,But she is killed by another vampire.Ross quickly grabs the twist turner and manages to get them back into running away from the house.

They get to the farm house,They quickly try to barricade the house and Ross relises the twist turner is broken.An vampire smashes through the roof and grabs Rachel up,But Monica and Ross try to get her back down.They manage to get her,But the vampire attacks them.Phoebe manages to burn it alive,And he dies.

A couple of vampires fly in,But the others have already escape.Monica trips up and Ross grabs her.They run into the woods,But Rachel falls into an grave.To her horror,There is an vampire there and he quickly kills her.Ross notices this and screams out in the air.Monica manages to save him befour he is killed,And Phoebe leads them to an elevator of some sort.

They get to underground and see a few survivors.They lead them to an base and it turns out it is "home" to them.Ross lies on his bed and Monica watches after him.Just then,Vampires storm in the "home" and the survivors prepare to fight.They run up to the eneimes and both of them jump.