The following is my Norse Mythology regarding three main central gods a God, Death, Devil, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades of my own using actual gods Odin, Njoror and Oor

A Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

The following are my three fanonically changed gods living serving as a God, Death and Devil.

Each residing on a Heaven, Purgatory and Hell place on the Mythological Mountain to which there are three parts of the mountain:

  • Odin- God Of The Top Of The Mountain- Heaven Part God
  • Njoror- God of the Gap Of The Mountain- Purgatory Part God
  • Oor- God of the crevice of the Mountain- Hell Part God

Children: Evil, Good and Neutral

  • Odin- 1. Thor: God Of Thunder (Good) 2. Baldur: God of Lightning (Neutral) 3. Loki: God Of Cloud (Bad)
  • Njoror- 1. Tyr: God Of Right (Good) 2. Ullr: God Of Middle (Neutral) 3. Vali: God Of Left (Bad)
  • Oor- 1. Vloarr: God Of Happiness (Good) 2. Vili: God Of Sadness (Neutral) 3. Ve: God Of Anger (Bad)

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