Paranormal Activity 5 is a 2018 American supernatural horror film, written by Wesley Strick and Christopher Landon. It is the fourth film of the Paranormal Activity series and serves as a sequel to Paranormal Activity 3, the previous installment which served as a prequel to the entire Activity series.

The film though technically being a sequel begins with a prequel interlude.


The film begins on the night of Sept. 25th, 1988 with Grandmother Lois telekinetically killing Julie and her boyfriend Dennis, taking Katie & Kristi upstairs to perform a ritual on Katie's family house, sending flames from one presence to another, setting their home ablaze.

Cut to around 5 years later, Katie (Madison Davenport) and Kristi (Ashley Boettcher) are adopted by their new parents, ??? (???) and ??? (???), they're both set to be homeschooled at the least.


  • Madison Davenport as Teen Katie
  • Ashley Boettcher as Teen Kristi


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