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American Dad is a Fake fan fiction 2016 comedy film and is based on the TV show of the same name. It is directed, produced and written by Seth MacFarlane


When Stan Smith is 15-years-old, he has an affair with his teacher, who is really an alien. When he discovers her species, he adopts her baby son Roger.

30 years later, he works for the C.I.A. but doesn't tell them about Roger. Roger decides to work as a cop but a dirty cop tries to make things worst. Roger also gets a visit from his evil twin brother.


Main Cast GalleryEdit


  • Dee Bradley Baker and Patrick Stewart reprises their roles from the series.


  • The film is rated R for strong sex references, drug references, violence and language.
  • 15 certificate
  • It is distributed by 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures
  • needs more roanchy Humor and more Sexual Refereances  an Unrated Blu-ray version to!
  • this big cast will defently will work!
  • this will be the biggest Seth Macfarlane Comedy Action film ever!
  • the fans will love it
  • keep it an R Rating please target aduience

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