American McGee's Capcom All-Star Force With Marvel Tatsunoko Namco Disney Konami Asterix TinTin Spirou The Smurfs Lucky Luke & SNK Is A Crossover Game From Capcom This Game is Set After The Event Of Megaman 10


The Year 20XX Its Being Days Since Megaman Defeated Dr. Wily So Dr. Wily Wants Revenge On Megaman And He Know What To Do An That's Calling Every Villain From Every Capcom Universe & Tatsunoko Marvel SNK Konami Namco To Take Over The Universes Where The Heroes Lives So The Heroes Are Teams Together To Stop Dr. Wily And The Gang To Save The Universes

List of Playable Characters

Megaman Universe

  • Megaman
  • Roll
  • Protoman
  • Bass
  • Duo
  • Gutsman
  • Fireman
  • Cutman
  • Bombman
  • Iceman
  • Elecman
  • Oilman
  • Timeman

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