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American Monsters is an American universal horror film that is one-of-three films in the American Monsters trilogy. This film is about Charles Copperfield, a wealthy man who owns a house with a bunch of experiments that are his friends—and the only—and even lives with them, since their experiments.

Plot Edit

The film starts with four strangers, Kevin, Kyle, Michael and Susan Richfield, a family who is poor, the four children of the parents always sneak into peoples houses, and, they break into Dr. Copperfield's house, and are being killed off by one-by-one, then Dr. Copperfield comes and stops the madness, soon only one remains, and he strangles her to death

Cast Edit

  • Shane Nollman as Dr. Charles Copperfield
  • Louis Hartman as Kevin Richfield
  • Mark Hartman as Kyle Richfield
  • Cory Cage as Michael Richfield
  • Carla Bridges as Susan Richfield
  • Dave Malbourne as Mutant #1
  • Dave Shaw as Mutant #2
  • Justice Weaver as Mutant #3

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