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American Monsters 2: The Man is a 1944 American film that is like Saw, but its older, and different characters. The film is about Dr. Charles, and his sudden desire to kill people at random. The Richfield's are searching for their kids from the previous film and they end their search when they find Copperfield Manors.


The Richfield's parents start to search for their children, and a long search ends when they find Dr. Charles' mansion, they are invited in, and more people are there looking for their children too, and the first night, Lynn Richfield is attacked and killed in the bathtub by Charles, and soon then the rest get numbered down one-by-one, and soon the only survivor is Caleb Richfield, and he meet the three Mutants.


  • Dave Simms as Charles Copperfield
  • Michael Georga as Caleb Richfield
  • Sara Dennon as Lynn Richfield
  • Shane Nollia as Reggie
  • Norm Shugg as Fred
  • Joseph Silver as Rick Leonards
  • Dave Malbourne as Mutant #1
  • Dave Shaw as Mutant #2
  • Justice Weaver as Mutant #3

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