Giglioli Whale
Binomial name

Amphiptera pacifica

Place of origin

All oceans

Average length


Skin color

Dark grey to black

Eye color



Two dorsal fins, known to eat Predator Squids.

The Amphiptera pacifica, also known as Giglioli Whale or Giglioli's Whale or chuj-ci-kurwa-w-twoją-zajebaną-śmierdzącą-dupę (which means "fish killer"), was a type of whale first observed by Giglioli off the coast of Chile. He noted the whale had two dorsal fins, which was an unknown concept before the sighting.

From then on it was classified as a cryptid, an unidentified animal that was reported to be seen but not confirmed. In 2042, however, one of the whales was sighted from the USS Repeller off the coast of Maine. It was then given the name Giglioli had given it, Amphiptera pacifica.

After further examination, it was determined to eat Predator Squids, as two of the massive tentacles of the squid were found inside the stomach.

Behind the scenes

  • The article was inspired by the actual cryptid, although the sighting has never been confirmed.

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