An 'Perfect' Wedding is an novel featuring the friends characters.Rachel and Ross prepare for their wedding,But an unknowen force is preparing to do something in the wedding.


Rachel and her two friends,Monica and Phoebe,Are in the wedding dress shop."Put this on,Rach",Monica had said in happiness."No,This one",Phoebe argued."No this",Monica argued again.The two friends argued untill Rachel snapped."Noooo",She had shouted at the two,And an few custumors stared at them."I will try on both dresses"

After shopping,Rachel and her friends had wanted something to eat,So they went to an burger king.When they were eating,Except from Phoebe was just drinking an soda,Rachel had noticed someone familar.

"Hey,Is that not Charlie.You know,Ross's exgirlfriend",Rachel had suddenly said,And the other two looked around.It was,Indead,Charlie Wheeler."Charlie",Phoebe had suddenly shouted."Pheebs",Monica scolded.

"Oh,Hey guys",Charlie happily said and moved in to join them."So,Who is the lucky one",Charlie asked as she looked at Rachel's engagement ring."I think you know",Rachel said."Ross",Was all Charlie could say.

"Hey,You want to come and hunt for some wedding clothes",Rachel asked."I would love too but i have to go.Nice meeting",Charlie then left and walked out of Burger king.They left and went to another shop called,"Beautiful Bride".When they were picking out dresses,They failed to notice someone watching through the window.

One Tuesday

Ross was eating an slice of the pizza when he heard Emma crying."Just a second",Ross seemed to mutter and walked to Emma's room.He picked her up and patted her back when the doorbell rang.He silently put Emma down and walked to the front door.

Ross opened the door and saw Janice Litman."Janice",Ross ahd asked in confusion.She was crying over something."I could not get to Chandler so i decided to go to your's.Anyway,I have something to tell you",And she jumped up to him and tried to kiss him.

Ross had quickly pushed her down into the couch."What are you doing",Yelled Ross in shock.It was lucky that Emma did not hear the noises."Please,Please,Lets just kiss",She then collapsed and started crying.

Just then,She grabbed an empty bottle of wine and she smashed the top half of the bottle by hitting it over the table.She then dived at him with it,But she had missed.Ross quickly ran to his phone and called the police.

"Some woman is trying to kill-",But befour he could finish off his sentance,Janice slapped him,Which caused the phone to fall down.Ross quickly got to Emma's room and locked the door.Ross then saw another phone,Which he had kept there incase of incindents like these.He told the police and they woud be there in five minutes.

Five minutes later,And Rachel and Phoebe are walking to Rachel's house.They saw the police outside and Rachel ran up to an officer."What happened,Is Ross and Emma okay",She screamed at his face.It was an bad Tuesday

Two Monica's surprise

Monica walked to her house and opened the door."Honey,I'm home.Have you-",But she looked around in the living room.She then screamed at what she saw.Chandler,Was unconcious.Then she looked at the baseball bat near him.

She heard someone walking upstairs and she remembered about the twins.Monica silently picked up the phone and phoned the police.Then she ran upstairs and was then pushed down the stairs by someone.

Monica looked up and crawled away as she saw her ex boyfriend.Paul the wine guy.What was he doing.Monica crawled away and hugged Chandler.She was going to die.She just hoped the twins were okay.But atleast she and her true love were going to die.

But the police invaded the house and they quickly arrested Paul.Monica looked on as Chandler was taken away.She had phone Ross to tell him the news,But he had replied that Janice tried to kill him and Emma.Monica then learned the twins are okay and she then thought of something.Three exes in one day.

Three Phoebe's David and Mike

Phoebe had said goodbye to Rachel and Ross and was walking to her and Mike's place.She was walking untill she heard someone saying her name.Phoebe turned around and saw her ex boyfriend,David.

"Hey,David",Phoebe said in confusion.David seemed to glare at her."Why are you glareing at me",Phoebe said in even more confusion."Your Mike is no longer with us",And that is what hit Phoebe.He killed him.

Phoebe pushed him away and ran away to her house.David was chaseing after her,But Phoebe managed to get in the house.She locked the door and David tried to get in.Phoebe tripped over an chair and banged her head.

She looked around and saw Mike.He was tied up in the couch.David wanted her to fall into the trap.Phoebe got up and quickly untied him.She told Mike to stay there and limped to the house phone.

She had called the police befour David kicked the door open.Phoebe tried to run away,But David had grabbed her hair,Which made Phoebe cry.Mike looked at them scared.His own wife,Dying.

"Your pussy of an husband is not helping you,Is he Bitch",He shouted and toke her to the next room.Mike quickly grabbed an knife that was on the floor and chased after them.He dived at David and he held him off long enough for Phoebe to escape.The police came and they arrested David.

Four The Meeting

"Phoebe,Calm down",Rachel cried into the phone.

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