An Alternate Path is an alternate world set in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S world.Monica was never born,Which results in an world where the friends have to face dangerous paths,All because they never had an friend like Monica.

One Prolouge

Ross Geller walked to the kitchen,Not looking at his father,Who was drinking his coffee."Son",He asked Ross.Ross never looked at him,He was terrified of him."Yeah",Ross nervously asked."Bedroom",Was all he said.Ross understood what that meant.Ross walked to his father's bedroom.Ever since his wives miscarriage,Jack Geller had killed Judy and Ross witnessed this.He had helped him cover the body,And ever since then,Every Sunday,Ross would be raped by his own father.

Meanwhile,Rachel Green was stareing out the window,Hoping that she could escape.She and her sister Amy were beaten by their father,And their mother had ran out on them."If only",Rachel whispered.Ever since her mother's ran away,She had given up hope and popularity,But Amy still continued on.Rachel was bullied at school,But was friends with Ross Geller.She had an tiny little crush on him,But when she told her father,He slapped her on the face.

Ross walked out of the bedroom.He silently walked to his bedroom and closed the door silently.He faced all his toys of dinosaurs.He had an major crush on Rachel Green,But he could not have her,As he was going to run away.Ross opened the window and stared back at his bedroom.He had come to terms,That he would never be there again.Never.

Two Rachel Runs

Rachel woke up at eight in the morning as her alarm went off.She only went to school two times a week now.She had to look after her father in the other three,Getting him bear from the kitchen and other such things.Just then the phone rang."Hello',She answered.

"Rach,Meet me in Marble Square",Ross replyed from the other side of the phone."Okay",Rachel smiled for once.She quickly put on her clothes and silently tiptoed out the bedroom.If her father knew,She was dead meat.

Rachel quickly ran down the stairs,But tripped over her mom's shoe,Which made her crash into the table.She always kept that shoe to remind her off her mother.Just then,She saw Leonard upstairs."Honey",He smiled evily.

Rachel just ran to the front door,With Leonard walking slowly to her."Come,Dear",He grinned.Rachel opened the door and closed the front door.She knew she had to run all the way down the hill.

She ran down the hill with her father's dogs chaseing after her.Leonard did this to her and Amy when they tried to escape,Which resulted in them going to the hospital.Rachel gets to the gate,Almost getting eaten by the dog.She climbed up it,Which hurted her feet.

Just then,Rachel got her balance wrong and she fell down,Luckily to the other side.Rachel stared at the dogs trying to get to her."Fuck you",She stuck the finger at them and ran down the street,Hoping she would get to Marble Square in time.

Three Phoebe's Gun

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