An Ol Western is a 1997 Western Comedy Drama film written by Patrick Read Johnson and Charles Edward Pogue and directed by Rob Cohen.

It features Norm MacDonald, John Dye, Harrison Ford, Ian McShane, Rocky Carroll, Gary Daniels, Faran Tahir, Whitney Houston, Joanna Going and Chad Michael Murray and famous Basketballer Michael Jordon.

The film won the 1997 Academy Award for Best Score.


It's 1701 in Santa Carla, California and two cowboy gunslinger families are squaring off in a war which threatens to tear apart their large homerange.

It all started with the friendship with two men whom were once inseparable and then over the love of a woman tore apart and swore death on one another.

Now the feud will end with the three sons of each man racing out to prove to one another that their most prized possessions that were stolen were not stolen by one another.


  • Norm MacDonald as McGuillatie Sandstorm
  • John Dye as Bewilder Sandstorm
  • Harrison Ford as Father Trouble Sandstorm
  • Ian McShane as Father Allen Willis
  • Rocky Carroll as Adopted Son Hildon Willis
  • Gary Daniels as Rolston Willis
  • Faran Tahir as Sandstorm Bestfriend Asolces Ooher
  • Whitney Houston as Jenny Sandstorm
  • Joanna Going as Tina Willis/ Lover of Lexxie Sandstorm
  • Chad Michael Murray as Lexxie Sandstorm
  • Michael Jordon as Cowboy King Benevo
  • Lauren Holly as Bartendress Bernita Kell
  • Til Schweiger as Lost Rebel Hovan
  • Greg Kinnear as Lost Rebel Leader Hectic Harry Rosens
  • Jeanne Tripplehorn as Hectic Harry Rosens wife Sandra Peddleborrie
  • Mikael Persbrandt as Lost Rebel Loslie
  • Angus Macfadyen as Lost Rebel Horris
  • John Stamos as Benevo's Bestfriend and right hand Lieutennant Peters
  • Harold Perrineau as Lost Rebel Loxington
  • Tim DeKay as Deputy Shellington
  • Helen Slater as Deputy Shellington's Wife Cassiendra
  • Ulrich Thomsen as Deputy Warwick
  • Paul McGuigan as Deputy Sallas
  • Francesco Quinn as Dirty Man Dealer Dallas
  • Musetta Vander as the Dead Desert Stripper Tamara Gordons
  • Igbal Theba as Desperate to know, Desperate for Revenge Widow Jonothen Gordons
  • Robert LaSardo as Weary Eye Weacon
  • Ted Demme as Seeing Sal Dal
  • Anthony Starke as Lost Rebel Hogan


  1. A Ballad Of The War- George Herbert Sass
  2. The Battle Rainbow- John R. Thompson
  3. Beaufront- W.J Grayson
  4. Carolina- Henry Timrod
  5. Charleston- Paul H. Hayne
  6. Cleburne- M.A Jennings
  7. The Confederacy- Jane T.H Cross
  8. The Confederate Note- Major S.A Jonas
  9. The Death Of Jefferson Davis- Morton Bryan Wharton
  10. Dirge For Ashby- Mrs. M.J Preston
  11. Dixie- Albert Pike
  12. The Empty Sleeve- Dr. J.R Bagby
  13. Eulogy Of The Dead- B.F Porter
  14. Georgia, My Georgia!- Carrie Bell Sinclair
  15. Grave Of Albert Sidney Johnston- J.B Synnott
  16. Imogen- General John B. Magruder

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