Harry Potter: Harry and Ginny soul bond the moment Harry saves her from the chamber. 


"Ginny, please don't die", Harry Potter begged the unconscious Girl in front of him. Her red hair was covered in mud, and she had blood covered in her face.

"Ginny", he whispered. He decided to perform mouth to mouth, and he bent down. When he and Ginny reached lips, however, a golden glow formed around the two.

Harry didn't notice, and when he did, he fell into a deep sleap.

"Boy, get down here now", yelled the booming voice of Vernon Dursley. Harry silently cried as Dursley hit him, again and again.

The Scene changed, and Ginny looked up to her father. "Daddy, another story", she begged.

"What one, the babbity rabbit", he asked. Ginny shook her head. "No, Silly. I want Harry Potter", she said. Arthur rolled his eyes. "Okay, love".

The Scene changed again, and Harry, Ron and Hermione were in the Great Hall. "Do you ever stop eating", Hermione said in an annoyed tone.

Ron looked up. Harry chuckled silently as Ron had said, "I'm a growing boy". Hermone sighed, and continued to read her book.

The Scene Changed, and Ginny was alone in the Dormitry. She saw Riddle's Diary, and picked it up. She put out a quill and dipped it into ink, and wrote into it.

"Tom, i know you are causing it", she wrote. However, no reply came, and the book closed by itself. Ginny screamed as a hole formed around the diary.

"Ginevra, it is very nice to meet you for the last time", he laughed and Ginny screamed. Ginny fell down, and she fell into a deep sleap.

Meanwhile, Albus Dumbledore was frantic. Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Glideroy Lockart were missing just shortly after Ginevra Weasley's disappearance.

In front of him, Arthur and Molly Weasley were crying about their children. Arthur looked up. "Why hasn't Fawkes found them yet", he demanded.

Albus couldn't reply. Fawkes should have saved them by now. That is, if they weren't dead. If Harry was dead, his plans would be ruined.

Just then, they heard footsteps. The door opened, and a distraught Ron bursted into the room. "Please", he whispered. He fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Ron", Molly screamed, and she ran up to Ron and hugged him. Arthur did the same. "How did he get up", Albus asked himself.


Ron looked up, and he heard screams. He heard the words, "Boy", and "Daddy", echo around the chamber. Ron looked at Lockart.

Lockart was sleaping. He had lost his memory after he tried to destroy Harry and Ron's memory's. However, it bounced back, and wiped his memory.

"Bastard", he muttered. Ron decided to try and crawl through the pipe. He had to balance himself though.

Ron climbed up, and very slowly he crawled up. He could do this, he could do this.

And he did.


Harry and Ginny awoke. Both turned to each other, and Ginny bursted into tears. "Was that real", she whispered.

Harry nodded. "I think so", he said. Both turned around, and saw a dead basilisk, riddle's diary, Gryffindor's sword and the sorting hat.

This is weird


Wait what was that



Is that you

We need to get out of here. We could tell Dumbledore


Both shakingly stood up, and both held onto each other. Harry picked up the possessions, and saw Fawkes. "Fawkes, can you pick us up", he asked.

Fawkes nodded, and Harry and Ginny held onto one of the feathers. Fawkes flew up, and Harry relised they were leaving Lockart.

Don't worry Harry. Dumbledore can save him.

Fawkes let go the moment they were in Moaning Mrytle's Bathroom. Just then, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Dumbledore and McGonagall came bursting in.

"What happened", Dumbledore asked. Molly cried in happiness, and ran up to Ginny. The moment she touched, and she bounced back and hit the wall.

"Mummy", Ginny wept. "What happened", Arthur demanded. "We can read each other's thoughts", Harry blurted out.

Dumbledore paled. Soul Bond. The Last Soul Bond had happened to Brian Brown and Vera Stone. Brian had saved Vera from a house fire, and thus, both were bonded.

However, Brian and Vera couldnt survive the pain, and both shortly died after.

Which would mean Harry and Ginny would die, and his plans would be ruined.

One: Hospital WingEdit

Harry and Ginny found themselves sharing a double bed. If they separated, they would scream in pain, so they had to share a bed.

Mrs Weasley had recovered, and it was later revealed that if someone tried to touch them, they would be assaulted.

Madam Pomfey, Mr and Mrs Weasley and Dumbledore were standing around the bed. Pomfey spoke first.

"Is seems that you's two have a soul bond", she told them. Harry and Ginny looked in confusion. "What is a soul bond", Ginny asked.

Dumbledore spoke first.

"A Soul Bond is a special bond which allows people to contact each other mentally and become closer than ever", he said.

"Why did we have a soul bond", Harry asked. He wasn't very comfortable with the idea.

Neither than me.

Harry smiled, despite himself.

"Because, Harry. You saved Ginevra's life", Ginny scowled at the mention. "It has to be a near death experiance", Dumbledore said.

"Why are we in a bed", Ginny asked. Mrs Weasley bursted into tears, and Arthur hugged her.

"Because, the bond must be strong so both of you will survive. This will involve close contact with each other", Dumbledore said.

"No way", both yelled. Dumbledore chuckled, which caused everyone to glare at him.

"Right, you better get to sleap", he said. Mr and Mrs Weasley said goodbye to Harry and Ginny and thanked Harry for saving Ginny.

So a soulbond


Goodnight, Harry

Goodnight, Ginny

Harry and Ginny slept, dreaming about each other's memory's.

Ginny quickly ran to the shed, and opened the door. She picked up Fred's Broom, and ran out of the shed. She kicked off from the ground, and flew to the nightsky.

She had never felt so alive, as her red hair flew behind her. She felt like a owl.

"Please not Harry. Take me instead", an unfamilar voice screamed. They were responded with cold laughing.

"Stand aside, you silly girl. Avada Kedarva".

Ever since that dream, Harry and Ginny never felt asleap.

Two: Shocking NewsEdit

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