Angel is an American Superhero Action Film, based off the Marvel Comics Superhero, X-Men. In Theatres February 13, 2013, The series stars Ben Hardy, Christopher Plummer, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, and Jimmy Bennett as the main cast Warren Worthington III who gets His Wings, What is it, Angel

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  • Ben Hardy as Warren Worthington III/Angel, a mutant working as a fighter in an illegal, underground mutant fighting ring in the 1980s. His mutation gifted him with wings resembling that of an Angel's, hence his nickname. Angel's career as a fighter came to an end when he was pitted against Nightcrawler, a mutant with teleportation abilities and a demonic appearance. Another mutant, Mystique, was investigating the fights, and overloaded the electric current flowing through the steel cage that surrounded the ring. One of Angel's wings came into contact with the supercharged cage before the power could shut down. The electricity burned through Angel's wing, rendering unable to fly.

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