Another is a Horror Slasher Thriller Film which will be released on 2014. The Cast features Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Brittany Snow, Jesse Moss, Josh Hartnett, Chelan Simmons, Steven Yeun, Freddie Prinze Jr., Reiley McClendon, Kenzie Madison, Channing Tatum, Jensen Ackles, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Julianna Guill, Crystal Lowe, Thomas Dekker, Megan Fox and Ben Affleck.


When a handsome student Josh (Ryan Merriman) transfer to another school it is normal until when talk about Kelly (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who is known for the name "Doesn't Exist" starts killing his friends in a grusome way. Can Josh, Betty(Brittany Snow) and Mason (Jesse Moss) stop the killings before they all killed by Kelly.


The Film opens with Kelly being brutally tortured by a guy (it is soon to be revealed that its Marvin). After Many Years Josh a new student who is in the class of Sir. Jason was transfer into Sir. Carlo's class where he met Class President Betty, Vice President Mason, Wild Party Blonde Chick Bree, Bree's Boyfriend Richie, Nerd Danny, Atlethic Donnie, Playboy John, Working Student Axel, Ashley, Chelsea, Scott and Jennifer. After the class P.E teacher Jason tells Chelsea to buy supplies outside. Chelsea saw Kelly and Chelsea runs Josh thinking whats going on her. Chelsea slips on the stairs and the umbrella opens by it self with stabs Chelsea in throat. Josh and Jason looks what going on Chelsea only seeing her corpse.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kelly "Doesn't Exist"

Ryan Merriman as Josh / Marvin

Brittany Snow as Betty

Jesse Moss as Mason

Josh Hartnett as Sir. Dennis

Chelan Simmons as Bree

Steven Yeun as Richie

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Sir. Carlo

Reiley McClendon as Danny

Kenzie Madison as Donnie

Channing Tatum as John

Jensen Ackles as Axel

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Nurse Jenny

Julianna Guill as Ashley

Crystal Lowe as Chelsea

Thomas Dekker as Scott

Megan Fox as Jennifer

Ben Affleck as Sir. Jason


Chelsea -

Nurse Jenny -

Mason -

Scott -

Jennifer -

Sir. Jason -

Donnie -

John -

Axel -

Richie -

Danny -

Sir. Carlo -

Sir. Dennis -

Bree -

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